New Venom Trailer Is Action-Packed And Exciting


The newest trailer for Venom is here and it gives us an even better look at the Marvel anti-hero and the destruction he's going to cause. Venom looks pretty much invincible here as everybody from street thugs to the police are going to try and take him down and it doesn't look like anybody is going to have much success. Check out the trailer below.

As the trailer opens we spend a bit of time with Eddie Brock, who sounds like he's become a hostage at the mercy of the symbiote who has become part of him. Although, later on, Eddie admits the power isn't necessarily all that bad. While the majority of what we see here makes Eddie look like a guy who can't control Venom, by the end we see a guy who appears to be a willing co-conspirator. This is how the relationship is often depicted, so the movie looks like it's getting that part right.

The big thing this new trailer shows us is other symbiote creatures that have made it out into the world. They're causing just as much destruction as Venom. One assumes that stopping them will be one of Eddie Brock's major concerns, assuming Venom doesn't convince him to join the party. We see one moment where a symbiote fires a bunch of needles at a crowd and another moment where a woman appears to decapitate somebody with a symbiote blade.

While there is some pretty cool stuff in this trailer, there are also moments that you can really only call "weird." The moment where Venom actually forms a head so that he can speak directly to Brock is more silly than scary, and the closing moments speech Venom makes to a thug trying to rob Brock's favorite convenient store feels a little less awesome with the use of the phrase "turd in the wind." Maybe these moments are meant to add some intentional levity and they work better in context, but in the trailer, that is clearly going for "dark" and "violent," they feel more than a little out of place.

Overall, however, Venom, as a character, works. Even the shot at the end that shows Tom Hardy and Venom together, while Tom Hardy feels a little too frozen in place, he still looks real. And post-production on the film likely isn't quite done yet so it's possible all the digital effects could get another layer of polish before the movie is released this October.

With a good two months before Venom hits theaters we may or may not get another look at the film. Certainly, there are a lot of fans that want to see this one work out, as does Sony, who hopes to turn a lot of Spider-Man's ancillary characters into heroes capable of leading their own films.

Dirk Libbey
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