Even Infinity War's Creators Can't Agree On Where Rocket Kept That Eyeball

Chris Hemsworth is Thor

The science behind Avengers: Infinity War is... confusing. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) lost his eye in Thor: Ragnarok. He is able to replace it in Infinity War, thanks to a loan from the body-part-craving "rabbit" known as Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). Most of us should be asking how an eye that Rocket stole from some dude can plug into Thor's head and somehow work. Instead, we're focused on WHERE Rocket hid that eye, because he warns Thor that he probably should have washed it before inserting it into his eye canal, because he hid it. On the Avengers: Infinity War commentary track, co-director Joe Russo weighs in and says:

I think a lot of people assume that Rocket put [the eye] up his ass to get it out. It was up his ear, remember?

Joe Russo is jokingly dissecting the joke with his screenwriters, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The joke is clearly an "ass" set up, even though it cuts off right before Rocket Raccoon is able to share with Thor where he hid the eyeball. And on the commentary track (available on the Blu-ray), Joe Russo bringing it up is even played as a gag, like, "Clearly this is an 'ass' joke that we snuck into Avengers: Infinity War." But the screenwriters play along, as McFeely agrees it was hidden in Rocket's ear, before Chris Markus drops the hammer with:

No, that's definitely an ass eye.

Discussion over. And now Thor, in Avengers 4, will likely have to deal with some form of infection.

What you might not know is that Thor's eyepatch, throughout Avengers: Infinity War, was CGI. So it's likely that Joe and Anthony Russo worked in this eye gag so that they didn't have to keep adding the accessory to Chris Hemsworth as they continued along on his hero's arc. The eye is given to the son of Odin right before they arrive at Nidavellir, where they are going to forge a new weapon... the Stormbreaker. Seems like a bit much, according to Rocket.

On a related note, I could watch 10 hours of Bradley Cooper recording the voice of Rocket Raccoon, and I'll never fully believe that the Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook star is the same voice as the angry animal.

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