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The DC Universe is getting ready for a pretty significant tonal shift when Shazam! hits theaters in April. While the movie will be much lighter than many of the films that came before it, it has been confirmed that the film will take place within the same DC universe as Man of Steel and Justice League, which means Shazam might find himself going up against other DC heroes down d the road. If that happens, star Zachary Levi is ready to go one-on-one with Superman himself. According to the actor...

Shazam and Superman have iconic battles throughout the history of their comic books. Because, in fairness, Captain Marvel/Shazam is the only one that could ever have a chance at beating Superman --- and has. Listen, Cavill. I'm not trying to start anything, but don't start nothing, there won't be nothing. Yeah, that would be pretty fun to do that.

It's actually Shazam! director David F. Sandberg who first suggests to Entertainment Weekly that he'd like to see Shazam fight Superman, but Zachary Levi jumps into the idea quickly supporting it wholeheartedly. As Levi says, Shazam and Superman have had epic battles over the years in their respective comic books, so recreating that on the big screen would be just as epic. While Shazam might not have quite the name recognition as Batman, he has the history, so if fans were excited to see Batman v. Superman, they might also go in on Shazam v. Superman.

Of course, when we might see such a battle is anybody's guess. After Shazam! debuts in April next year we'll see the Wonder Woman sequel hit that November, but after that, the future of the DC universe becomes cloudy. Lots of different projects have been announced, but we don't really know when we'll see any of them. We expect to see Superman again at some point, but no recent word on a Man of Steel 2 has been made. What the future is for Shazam! likely depends on how the first film actually does at the box office.

Exactly how you would see Shazam and Superman fight remains to be seen. The lighter tone of Shazam! makes the character feel like a very different beast, and how you would put Shazam in the same movie with any Justice League character and not feel out of place is unclear. Of course, our exposure to Shazam! thus far, has been limited. Perhaps when we finally see Shazam fight, he won't seem quite as different as Superman.

With both characters having similar power sets, a battle between Superman and Shazam would certainly be impressive. Maybe now we wait to see if Henry Cavill has a response.

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