Blade Runner Icon Sean Young Is Wanted For Burglary

Blade Runner

Actress Sean Young was a pretty big star in the 1980s thanks to roles in films like Blade Runner and Dune. While her celebrity has certainly faded over the years, she's kept busy with acting roles, but now she's gaining attention again for a less than wonderful reason. She's wanted for questioning by police in New York regarding a burglary.

Police were apparently summoned to a commercial location in Astoria, Queens yesterday where a pair of Apple laptops and video production software, totally $12,000 in value, were allegedly stolen. According to TMZ, the police are now in possession of video surveillance footage which reportedly shows Sean Young and a male accomplice breaking in and stealing the equipment.

Exactly what work was being done at this location is not mentioned but Sean Young reportedly worked there at some point in the past, but had been fired several months ago. A commercial location full of video production equipment certainly sounds like a place where some sort of film or TV production company may have bet set up. Perhaps Young was being considered for some sort of role or had been invoved in some other capacity. In addition to being an actress Young has credits as a director, producer, and even a costume designer.

Needless to say, if true, this is an unfortunate way for Sean Young to achieve notoriety once again. That being said, it wouldn't be her first brush with the law. Several years ago Young was arrested for slapping a security guard at a post-Oscars party after being asked for a ticket she reportedly did not have. The actess threatened to sue following the incident, but nothing seems to have ever come of it.

Sean Young is probably best known for her role as Rachael in the cult classic Blade Runner. While Young did not reprise her role in the recent sequel Blade Runner 2049 the character did appear via the use of a body double with CGI effects used to recreate the look of the character from the original film.

Sean Young has continued to act and while she may not be the household name she once was, she's never had trouble finding work. In the 90s she had a supporting role in Jim Carrey's breakout film performance Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. She appeared regularly for a time on the soap opera The Young and the Restless around 2010, and most recently she appeared in several episodes of the TNT series The Alienist.

Clearly, this story isn't over. If Sean Young did, in fact, commit burglary of a place she used to work, then there's almost certainly some backstory that goes along with it.

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