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Sean Young Reportedly Slapped Security Guard Outside Oscar Party

Blade Runner star Sean Young found herself behind bars last night after she was placed under citizen’s arrest at the official Oscars’ after party. The actress was reportedly mingling with other celebrities near the entrance when a security guard asked her for a ticket. When she couldn’t produce one, she briefly left, only to return and linger again. The aforementioned security guard supposedly approached her and demanded to see a ticket a second time. At that point, a verbal confrontation began, which resulted in Young slapping someone and getting apprehended. At least that’s the story making the rounds, but clearly, authorities found enough evidence of wrongdoing to push the matter.

According to TMZ, Young was later charged with misdemeanor battery. The actress was released a few hours later and reportedly said she was simply trying to wait for a friend in order to enter. Regardless of what happened, the incident is just another in a long list of strange events in Young’s life.

There was the time she made her own Catwoman costume to try to convince Tim Burton to hire her. There was the time she crashed the Vanity Fair Oscar party. There was the time she was fired from Dick Tracy and subsequently accused Warren Beatty of trying to put the moves on her. Last night’s arrest will no doubt live on like those other stories, whether she was actually at fault or not.

As a woman slapping someone is hardly a devastating crime, Young will likely end up with a slap on the wrist, but if this amounts to anything more, we’ll keep you updated.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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