As many moviegoers already know, August can become a bit of a dead period when the high of May, June and July ends in the summer blockbuster season. That tends to leave room for one or two sleeper hits to sneak in and win the box office, and this year it looks like Jon Turtletaub's The Meg is the August film to beat (at least so far). In fact, the shark movie isn't just a box office success in its first weekend; it downright blew away expectations.

With that in mind and an incredibly impressive $45 million domestic opening in the bank, it's time to dive into the aquatic monster movie to figure out what went right to allow The Meg to overperform. We have several different points to address, so let's get started with the film's accessible rating.

The PG-13 Rating Casts A Wide Net

It's hardly a secret that the PG-13 rating arguably casts the widest possible net for an audience these days. Intense enough that it appeals to the adults, while still tame enough to remain entertaining to a reasonably young viewer, PG-13 monster movies like The Meg have something for just about everyone, which means that moviegoers of nearly all ages can come along for the ride. There is obviously a strong case to be made that a movie like The Meg would've been improved with an R-rating to up the violence and gore caused by the titular shark, but that does not change the fact that keeping the film slightly tamer created a movie that more people could see -- which ultimately helped the Warner Bros. bottom line.

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