The release of Jurassic World and its record-breaking splash at the box office over its opening weekend has been tinged with nostalgia. Just over 22 years ago, Jurassic Park was having the same almighty impact in cinemas across the world. Which is hardly surprising. Because, as we’re all aware, Steven Spielberg is a master filmmaker. And because of his sterling career, his name is now as synonymous with cinema as Messers. De Mille, Hitchcock, and Chaplin's. So to celebrate just how bloody potent Steven Spielberg is behind the camera, we’ve decided to honor the bearded luminary with our top 10 favorite Steven Spielberg movies.

And while we’re all almost certainly going to disagree on the precise order of this listing, we can all unanimously agree that the man sure knows how to direct the heck out of a feature film.

10. War Horse
Straight off the bat I’m going to guess that War Horse probably isn’t the most popular choice to be on any top 10 Spielberg list. But just hear me out.

For me, War Horse is Spielberg at his schmaltzy best. But, rather than being embarrassingly sentimental it’s heart-breaking, resonant and gloriously shot with his usual flair. Spielberg also ekes out wonderful performances from his magnificent cast, which includes Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Toby Kebbell, each of whom were subsequently propelled up the Hollywood echelon because of their involvement.

Meanwhile its 2-and-a-half-hour running time flies by because of Spielberg’s elegant and subtle structuring, and even though it comes close to going over the top Spielberg never threatens to let it boil over into melodrama and he utilises his vast arsenal of tools to keep War Horse enthralling.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly’s Liza Schwarzbaum summed War Horse up perfectly by describing it as a mixture of the war-torn heroics of Saving Private Ryan with the boyhood point-of-view and childish yearnings of E.T.

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