Josh Gad Spits A Lot While Voicing Olaf For Frozen

Olaf in Frozen
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Over the years, Disney animated films have featured many memorable characters who bring comedic relief, while the heroes embark on their journeys. Incredible voice talents such as Robin Williams' Genie in Aladdin, Danny DeVito's Phil in Hercules and Eddie Murphy's Mushu in Mulan have made their characters larger than life. Frozen continued this Disney tradition in 2013 when Josh Gad brought some warmth to the animated musical with his character, Olaf. The lovable ball of snow produced some of the funniest moments in the film along, including his own musical number "In Summer." As Frozen became Disney animation's biggest success ever, Gad won't be saying goodbye to his character anytime soon. The actor just shared a behind-the-scenes of him recording one of Olaf's songs. Take a look.

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Luckily only the microphone has to watch out for the spews of spits as he enunciates each lyric. Josh Gad tweeted out the video, since many have shown interest about what it might be like to record the voice of Olaf in the studio. The behind-the-scenes clip has Gad singing the song "That Time of Year" from the Disney holiday short, Olaf's Frozen Adventure which played ahead of Coco last year; he actually recorded it over two years ago. In the short, Olaf took center stage as he knocked on doors in Arendelle in an attempt to find Anna and Elsa a holiday tradition. He also gave a sweet call out to songwriters Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel in the tweet. It's quite a treat to see the talent belt out the lines for Olaf and change between speaking and singing as the character.

Fans eager to see Josh Gad's next Disney musical number in Frozen 2 were likely hoping to see a little teaser for the sequel instead of this recording studio throwback. The highly-anticipated film won't be released until over a year from now, with a holiday release set for November 27, 2019. As the date approaches, Gad and the rest of the cast of Frozen 2 are probably getting a bit pestered for the slightest of information on the film, as it has now been almost five years since audiences watched Elsa "Let it Go" for the first time in the first Frozen. Back in April his co-star, Kristen Bell confirmed that she had recorded most of her dialogue for the sequel, but explained that she is sworn to secrecy about all the other details.

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A few details about Frozen 2 have recently emerged, including some new characters in the works. Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood and This is Us' Sterling K. Brown have been reportedly in negotiations to voice unknown characters in the sequel. After the huge cultural impact of Frozen, the sequel will reunite the talented cast, with Josh Gad transforming into the funny Olaf to cool off whatever situation Anna and Elsa are faced with this time around.

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