Deadpool 2's Rhett Reese Reveals How They Got Matt Damon To Cameo

Deadpool 2 Matt Damon

Deadpool 2 had a couple of great cameo moments, but one that made it past many on first viewing was Matt Damon. The Oscar winner played the role of a redneck who is giving an impassioned speech about the nuanced art of wiping your ass when he is set upon by Cable. The scene itself is pretty hilarious but what might be actually funnier is the story of how Damon came by the role. In one of the extra features included in the new Blu-Ray release for Deadpool 2, co-writer Rhett Reese reveals that the scene in which Damon appeared came from an argument he's been making for years, which found its way into the movie after Ryan Reynolds became the latest to hear the plea. According to Reese...

It's been sort of an old runner of mine. I've told my friends this and people know this about me. I do this bit about the inadequacy of toilet paper to create the appropriate hygiene for a human being. So I did it for Ryan at one point and we just all looked at each other and said, 'well this has to go into the movie somehow.'

From there, they found the place to put the scene in Deadpool 2, and then the question became one of casting the right person to deliver these all-important lines. Clearly, the funniest way to portray the joke was to get somebody important to give the speech. At that point, Ryan Reynolds reached out to Matt Damon, who was, somewhat surprisingly, open to the idea. Apparently, he really liked the script they sent him.

So then we thought, 'well, what caliber actor would we need to do a scene where two rednecks talk about wiping themselves after spending some time on the toilet.' Of course, you have to have somebody Oscar caliber doing that kind of bit. Matt was very receptive so Ryan ended up sending him the pages. Matt called him back and said 'I'm in.'

If you didn't recognize Matt Damon as the redneck sitting on a truck bed with Alan Tudyk, don't worry too much. Apparently, nobody else on the crew knew it was him either after the time he spent in the make-up chair.

However, that's not quite where this story ends. It seems the speech that Matt Damon gave had quite a profound impact on the actor as Deadpool 2's other major writer, Paul Wernick, revealed that Matt Damon himself has now taken the words to heart.

Matt's now a wet wipes guy himself after he read the pages.

It seems that Rhett Reese has found at least one convert to his argument in favor of the wet wipe. Perhaps with the success of Deadpool 2, he'll reach many more people. You can check out Deadpool 2 on Digital and Blu-ray now.

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