Is Deadpool 2 Still A Standalone Sequel? Here's What Rhett Reese Says


Deadpool was one of the best movies of 2015, and the stream of award nominations prove it. Now we're looking at the planned Deadpool 2 and beginning to wonder if it will really be a Deadpool movie. The movie reportedly will include a number of additional mutant characters, which may make the movie feel like it's going to focus less on the merc with a mouth, however, the writers want to assure fans that this will still be a Deadpool movie. Co-writer Rhett Reese assures:

Yeah, it'll be a solo movie. It'll be populated with a lot of characters, but it is still Deadpool's movie, this next one.

As early as the closing credits of the original Deadpool we were told that another major character from the X-Men universe, Cable, would be appearing in the sequel. The sequel itself was confirmed before the first film was even released and the fact that the end credits sequence was not a joke was confirmed shortly thereafter. Since then it appears that another Deadpool adjacent character, Domino, will also be making an appearance.

In the comics, Deadpool and Cable have spent a lot of time working as a team, so a lot of fans may have expected that would be the plan with Cable appearing in Deadpool 2. However, Rhett Reese tells Deadline that won't be the case here. Instead, Deadpool 2 is still being written as a solo outing for Ryan Reynolds character.

Of course, even the two new characters that we expect to see wouldn't necessarily constitute "a lot of characters," so it's possible there will be even more than we're expecting. Seeing the return of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is certainly a strong possibility. Both were fairly popular last time around. It sounds like we could very well be seeing a lot of characters beyond that as well.

The exact state of Fox's mutant universe is far from clear at this point. There are no proper X-Men movies currently on the slate, and with Hugh Jackman looking to hang up his Wolverine claws, Deadpool is about the only part of the larger world that we're sure will be moving forward. While Deadpool was a standalone story it's possible that they're planning on incorporating more characters in Deadpool 2 as a way of moving the larger universe forward.

As great as it will be to see more of our favorite characters on the big screen, it's a good move to keep Deadpool front and center. While he could share the screen, the fact is that the first movie was a hit because fans liked Deadpool, giving them less of that in a sequel would likely disappoint many.

We don't know when Deadpool 2 will get underway, but we can only hope the script is close to being done so that filming will start soon.

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