It's hard to be a movie-fan and not love extended cuts - especially for a good film. Sure, there will be some material included that clearly needed cutting, but at the same time it's always exciting to both peak a bit of the creative process and get a bit of bonus footage that might have otherwise never been seen. The newest example of this is the Super Duper Cut of Deadpool 2 that has been released as part of the blockbuster's home video release, and with 15 extra minutes included, it's really quite a treat.

But prior to purchase, what can fans on the fence about the cut expect? For those of you who are curious, we have put together this feature, cataloging the major differences between the theatrical cut and Super Duper Cut of Deadpool 2 (meaning that it won't include the parts with alternate dialogue or small bit changes). There is some pretty notable stuff for audiences to chew on, and the special material can be found right in the beginning of the movie:

Extended World Tour

Following its explosive flash forward, Deadpool 2 opens finding the Merc With The Mouth on a killer world tour, taking down bad guys in various Asian and European locations. By itself it's a great sequence, but the Super Duper Cut wonderfully offers much, much more. The individual parts of the montage are each enhanced and extended, with the true highlight being the action in Japan. Rather than being cut up like it is in the theatrical edition, the bathhouse scene is instead all done in one amazing, single spinning shot -- and it's honestly beautiful work. It's a shame that it had to be trimmed, but it probably just couldn't exist in full form with the bits in China and Italy being abbreviated. And I'll get into why the edits were ultimately necessary in the next bit...

Extra Suicide Attempts

The theatrical version of Deadpool 2 has the titular hero being very specific in his method of suicide. After letting as much gas as possible leak into his apartment, he lies down on top a bunch of gasoline barrels and blows himself into a million pieces. In the Super Duper Cut, however, he has a few more failed attempts at dying to try. Specifically, he first takes a very dangerous trip to the zoo, and then takes a quick step off the top of a tall building. It's great material and really funny, but it's pretty obvious why it was removed. Between the montage and the material mentioned in the previous section, there is a whole lot happening before the plot starts kicking in, and doesn't get moving as quickly as it should.

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