Say what you will about the DC Extended Universe, it has no problem with announcing projects. As things stand right now, and not including upcoming releases Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 (nor Joker, which isn't even set in the DCEU), this franchise has approximately 20 movies in some form of development. Obviously not all of these movies are being equally prioritized, and some may not ever become a reality. That being said, while there hasn't been an official update about DCEU scheduling in a while, we may finally have an idea what this franchise will deliver after Wonder Woman 1984.

Recent reports have indicated that Birds of Prey, The Flash and The Batman are being lined up for release next (not necessarily in that order). That's a good start, but there are still plenty of DCEU projects to choose from afterwards. In fact, we've offered our own suggestions for which movies Warner Bros should prioritize rather than gather more dust, starting with an adventure set far away from Earth.

Green Lantern Corps

So far in the DCEU, our only exploration of the DC cosmic mythology has been visiting Krypton in Man of Steel and Justice League having Steppenwolf and his Parademon army invade Earth. In the latter movie, several Green Lanterns were shown in the flashback battle, but there was no explanation provided about them. Green Lantern Corps was one of the first movies to be announced for the DCEU, and if Warner Bros is at all interested in taking audiences on a ride to across the DC cosmos, this movie is the best way to do it. There's nothing wrong with Hal Jordan and John Stewart spending a little time on Earth, but the main thrust of this movie (which would also help distance it from 2011's Green Lantern) should be seeing these two space cops traveling to other planets and battle alien menaces. Now that Geoff Johns, the man who redefined the Green Lantern mythology in the comics for nearly a decade, has taken over scripting duties on Green Lantern Corps from David Goyer and Justin Rhodes, hopefully that means the project will happen sooner rather than later, though there's no way it will be ready to go by 2020 as was originally planned.

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