One More Mickey Mouse Club Alum Is Totally Down For A Reunion

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The Mickey Mouse Club has been revived with a new name and in a new style, but that doesn't mean they don't respect the past. In fact, Club Mickey Mouse featured a classic member of the M.M.C in its recent music video, as alum and former NSync member J.C. Chasez appeared as "Principal Chasez." Chasez had fun with the experience, and in the midst of talking about it all echoed Britney Spears' interest in getting his old Mouseketeer gang back together for a reunion:

The club members I came up with, I consider them friends for life. So if anybody wants to meet me anywhere, I'm always down. It's a matter of when, where, and schedules. Everybody's leading busy lives, but those people will be my friends forever. They will always have my support

Indeed, it may be a bit tough to get every classic member of J.C. Chasez's Mickey Mouse Club lineup together, as many of the members are currently busy enjoying their wildly successful careers. Chasez, who joined The Mickey Mouse Club in Season 4, was a part of the legendary 90s' cast that included previously mentioned pop-superstar Britney Spears, his former NSync buddy Justin Timberlake, and actor Ryan Gosling. Even if everyone involved was willing to meet up for even a simple photo-op and lunch, one would imagine the coordinating of each celebrity's loaded schedules would be a logistical nightmare.

J.C. Chasez's love for The Mickey Mouse Club and his former co-stars is evident in his interview with EW, as the star said his experience on the show was "one of the greatest experiences," of his life. Chasez said the show left a big impression on him at a young age, and that he was able to connect with a lot of like-minded individuals who, like him, had dreams that exceeded the boundaries of their respective hometowns. Chasez indicated the experience was vital in shaping who he was and made him more comfortable with who he was in that moment.

J.C. Chasez also admitted his time in The Mickey Mouse Club almost certainly factored into his long-term success, as he was flocked by some clearly talented people. Being surrounded by such a talented group of individuals only pushed everyone to be that much better, and may have led to the great success many of the cast celebrates to this day.

It's too soon to tell whether Club Mickey Mouse will create the same culture and celebrities that came out of the 90s-era Mickey Mouse Club, but folks curious to see the new lineup and various changes to the classic Disney program on Facebook and Instagram. For more on what's happening in the world of television and shows that are premiering in the upcoming weeks, be sure to visit our summer and fall premiere guides.

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