Star Wars' existence in Disney theme parks actually pre-dates the company's purchase of Lucasfilm, but everybody knew it was only a matter of time once the purchase happened before Star Wars' presence saw a massive increase in Anaheim and Orlando. That is set to happen next year when Walt Disney World in Florida, and also Disneyland in California, see a major upgrade in the form of a new land called Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

While we won't get to really see or truly experience Star Wars Galaxy's Edge until the land opens next year, there's still a lot that has been revealed about the new area and what it will contain. Here's everything that we know about the newest part of the Disney parks.

When Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Will Open

While the exact opening date of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World hasn't been officially announced, it has been given a window of Late Fall 2019. While that covers a lot of ground, expect to see Walt Disney World target an early November opening, as it will allow the park to cash in on the already popular holiday season crowds as well as the December release of Star Wars Episode IX. Disney World will actually be the second Galaxy's Edge to open as Disneyland's version of the same land has been given a window of summer.


One of the ways that Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be a unique land for a Disney park is that it is being designed to feel, in its entirety, like it exists as a planet in the Star Wars Universe. The name of that planet is Batuu. It can be found on the outer edge of the galaxy, thus the name, but is also a location of importance to both the Resistance and The First Order. We've never seen Batuu before, as it's a brand new creation. However, the Star Wars multimedia machine has already begun to sprinkle the location throughout other forms of Star Wars media as a way to prepare us for the planet.

Black Spire Station

While Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will exist on its own planet, the focus of the land will be on a specific place on that planet. Named for the petrified trees that have transformed into the planet's unique geology, Black Spire Station will be the hub of activity where guests will find the attractions, the restaurants, and the merchandise available for sale. The Black Spires actually received a reference in Solo: A Star Wars Story, showing that this new area will be intimately tied to the larger Star Wars universe.

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