Could Elsa Really Be Gay In Frozen 2?

Elsa in Olaf's Frozen Adventure

While Disney's animated features have always made tons of money at the box office, the popularity of 2013's Frozen was on another level. The hype around Anna and Elsa's sisterhood and adventure hasn't died down in the past five years, with merchandise and Halloween costumes still full tilt Frozen. The blockbuster's highly anticipated sequel will arrive in little over a year, and only a few short details have been revealed. Frozen was praised for not really being a love story, especially with Elsa not given a romantic plot line throughout the movie. Some Disney fans and advocates have been hoping Frozen 2 might break new ground by giving Idina Menzel's character a same sex relationship, but is it really happening?

Since Frozen 2 information is so limited, there are plenty of rumors floating around about Anna and Elsa's next movie. A recent rumor indicates that Frozen 2 might just be giving Elsa a female love interest, making history as Disney's first LGBT princess. The call for for proper onscreen diversity and inclusion has been a major conversation in the business over the past few years, so the timing would certainly pack a punch.

Of course, this report from Revenge of the Fans is far from official, so cinephiles should adjust their expectations as such. Still, the concept Elsa having a same sex relationship in Frozen 2 will likely polarize fans. The original Frozen movie was groundbreaking in its own way, with a story focused on the complicated bond shared by sisters. The film poked fun at the trope of Disney love stories, and Anna's dream man even ended up being the main villain. If Frozen 2 were to include a major LGBT character, the franchise would continue its reputation for challenging what was possible for the House of Mouse.

On the flip side, there are plenty of moviegoers who prefer their family movies to be a bit more simple, and not bring up complicated, adult conversations about love and sexuality. It's a touchy subject, and some fans will be disappointed either way Disney decides to go with Elsa's characterization in Frozen 2.

When Frozen was released in 2013, there were some fans who believed the film actually subtly included a same sex couple. When Anna visited "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna" in the film's second act, tertiary character Oaken waved to his family, panning to some kids and a man waving back. While they could obviously be brothers, advocates thought this might be Disney's way of being inclusive.

More information should be revealed as we get closer to the eventual release of Frozen 2 on November 27, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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