Kristen Bell Has A Frozen Costume For Halloween, Does Not Look Happy About It

Poor Kristen Bell. She starred as Anna in Disney's Frozen, a film that became one of the most wildly successful animated films of all time and is now completely and irreversibly ingrained into pop culture. Unfortunately, her character, Anna, doesn't get nearly the amount of love as Idina Menzel's Elsa. To be fair, Elsa has powers and Anna tried to marry a dude she just met, so it's understandable. The lopsided popularity between the two sisters even extends to Kristen Bell's own family, as her Halloween costume hilariously attests.

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That's rough. Kristen Bell's daughter, who didn't always love Frozen, insisted that they both dress up as Elsa for Halloween. There is no escape, and Kristen Bell's expression in the Instagram photo is perfect. I can imagine her proposing to dress up as an authentic Anna so they could go as sisters, only to get completely shut down by her daughter. Because you know what's better than Anna and Elsa? Two Elsas! Clearly this is the prevailing wisdom among Frozen's youngest fans, and despite Kristen Bell's best efforts, even her daughter subscribes to it. There's no sense in fighting the inevitable, so just let it go.

Three Halloweens have passed since Frozen was released, and not only is the film as popular as ever, kids are still dressing up as these characters. Ask anyone who has ever seen the lines at a Disney park to meet Anna and Elsa, these characters are unbelievably beloved. That is an incredible testament to the enduring nature of a good animated musical.

The power of Frozen will not fade anytime soon either. In a very measured approach, Disney did not rush the sequel to a film that made $1.2 billion. They waited until the story was right, and the studio should be commended for that. But, make no mistake people, Frozen 2 is coming. Frozen 2 is slated to hit theaters on November 27, 2019. The film is still two years away so we don't have any info regarding plot beyond the most basic character hints, but we do know that they have recently begun voice recording.

In the meantime Frozen fans don't' have to wait until 2019 to get their fix of the franchise since there will be a Frozen short called Olaf's Frozen Adventure attached to Pixar's Coco, which comes out on November 22. The short will obviously focus on Josh Gad's lovable Olaf and will clock in at a surprisingly long 21 minutes. After that. there is the Frozen musical coming to Broadway in 2018. As long as Disney can keep the quality up they should be able to print money from this franchise for years to come.

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