When September arrives, it feels like the end of summer; but considering the season doesn't really end until the month has almost left us, that's a bit of a lie. And, it certainly feels less honest when you take into consideration that this September feels like another one of those months that further proves that the cinematic "off season" is only shrinking further into non-existence. The following 10 films are ready not only to help you contribute to the financial institution of theatrical exhibition, they're also open to entertaining you as only they can.

The Nun

The universe of The Conjuring films is getting a little bit bigger, thanks to Annabelle: Creation's success in helping to continue the franchise within a franchise. Now, Valac, the demon turned possessed nun of The Conjuring 2 is taking the stage with The Nun. If you need a refresher on just how The Nun connects to The Conjuring universe, that's the sort of knowledge that's out there on the internet for you to read. What isn't out there is just how Taissa Farmiga and Demian Bichir's members of the Catholic church will fare against the origins of this dark presence. Looking at the franchise's history, it'll be a scary good time, but we might not want to get too attached to these folks.

Opens Sept. 7th


Much like Die Hard before it, the cottage industry known as the "Taken, but with __" genre hasn't slowed down a bit, especially if you read just the synopsis for Peppermint. That's all well and good, but there's two major factors that make this clone one to watch out for: the first being that the director is none other than Pierre Morel, the director of the first/best Taken. The second, and most important decision is how they decided to fill in that blank: "Taken, but with Sydney F'ing Bristow," as Jennifer Garner has returned to professional ass-kicking, and business looks as brutal as ever. Should this do well enough, it might be a good time to re-stoke the fires surrounding that Alias reboot, and turning it into a revival.

Opens Sept. 7th

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