Disneyland Has Officially Broken Ground On California Adventure's Marvel Area

We're still a year away from Disneyland's new land dedicated to Star Wars, but the park isn't slowing down, as the next big expansion is already underway. A Bug's Land closed down for good at Disney's California Adventure just a couple of days ago, and work has already begun on the new Marvel-themed area, and it looks like Disney found the perfect company to handle construction. Stark Industries.

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It had long been rumored that Disney Parks were planning a Marvel superhero expansion at Disneyland, but it was only a few months ago that the theme park giant confirmed that a new Avengers-themed area would be built at Disney's California Adventure in Disneyland Resort. Unfortunately, to help make room for the new land, an existing area, A Bug's Land, had to close down. It had its last day on September 4 and now, thanks to Reddit, we see the replacement area is already getting underway.

This makes for two major construction projects that are ongoing, one at each park, as Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is still under construction ahead of an opening date sometime next summer. While Disney usually likes to finish one major job before starting on the next, the fact is that the resort really needs both locations badly. Once Galaxy's Edge opens Disneyland is sure to be even more crowded than usual for the foreseeable future. Part of the Marvel land's job is to act as crowd control, giving guests something worth doing over in the other park in order to help overcrowding at Disneyland.

Exactly what guests will find in two years when the new superhero-themed area opens is anybody's guess. The original announcement promised that both Spider-Man and the Avengers would join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Which would seem to imply that at least two attractions, one featuring the wall-crawler and another with the Avengers, are planned, as the Guardians already have their ride, in Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout, which will anchor one end of the new land. Rumors of an Avengers-themed coaster have popped up now and then, but nothing has been confirmed.

We don't even actually know what the new land will even be called. Existing deals that Marvel made before being purchased by Disney appear to prevent the land from actually using the Marvel name, so we could see something based around the Avengers name or even just the word "superhero."

The one downside to the construction, in addition to the loss of A Bug's Land in general, is that it closes off one major path through Disney's California Adventure. This means traffic flow is going to be a bit more difficult to navigate for the next couple of years. However, it should all be worth it come 2020 when we have brand new exciting rides

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