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This morning Brie Larson officially became a superhero as the first trailer for Captain Marvel was released. Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big deal. It means an immense amount of media attention, usually involving questions you can't answer. It also means a massive amount of merchandise with your face on it. And of course, no superhero merchandise line is complete without an action figure. Brie Larson is getting her own action figure, though, she has some questions. Why does it have an additional head?

In all likelihood there will be more action figures of Captain Marvel than Brie Larson will know what to do with, each with a different look, different gear, or some special thing about them that will make each unique and try and get fans to buy them all. In the case of this particular action figure, the gimmick appears to be that the head and hands are removable and can be replaced with other options. Needless to say, the idea that kids will be able to pull of Brie Larson's head is slightly disconcerting for the actress. Why would the figure need a second head anyway?

While there's no detail in the image about what the other head actually is, it most likely will be Captain Marvel wearing her helmet and facemask, something that we saw briefly in the trailer that was released earlier today. Based on the figure design, and the fact that Brie Larson kept her long hair, rather than going with the short hair that Carol Danvers frequently has in the comics, it would be close to impossible to make a helmet that just snaps on over this head, so a complete replacement is the way to go if you want both looks in one figure.

Captain Marvel in a mask

In addition to the extra head, the figure apparently comes with another set of hands, which is probably slightly less creepy, but still a little bizarre for Brie Larson. The hands may include energy blasts coming off the hands or something similar as we see Captain Marvel doing that in the trailer as well.

Captain marvel firing an energy blast

Removable head notwithstanding, it must be pretty cool to see yourself as an action figure, to know that kids will be making you the center of their own superhero adventures. While Captain Marvel has been around for a long time, for an entire generation, Brie Larson will be Captain Marvel. It's awesome in every sense of the word. We'll get to see her in action this March.

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