Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Is Seriously Psyched About Working With Joaquin Phoenix On Joker Movie

Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2
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27-year-old actress Zazie Beetz has had quite the lucky streak recently, and not because it was her Deadpool 2 character Domino's superpower. Apart from gracing the screen opposite Ryan Reynolds in the summer blockbuster, Beetz was nominated for an Emmy for her supporting role as Van on Atlanta, where she got to dish on her upcoming role in Warner Bros' highly-anticipated Joker. She's reasonably starstruck to be working with the transformative dramatic actor leading the film. In her words:

I'm about to work on a movie with Joaquin Phoenix, and I am just such a huge fan. It's just such an honor to work with him. And to follow him and his work, I think, it's like anyone else. I'm human.

Zazie Beetz brought up her exciting role during an E! Interview at the Red Carpet of 2018 Emmys, and the actress explained how insane it was to be among so many incredible talents. As Beetz dabbles in the Marvel and DC universe, mega-stardom is certainly around the corner. Both comic genre films bring a twist to the packed line-up of adaptations. The Deadpool franchise has redefined the mature superhero film and piqued studios' interest to slap on an R-rating on comic book stories. Todd Phillip's Joker will be a dramatic character study of the disturbing Batman villain, giving grounded insight to the character never seen before.

In Joker, Zazie Beetz will be playing a potential love interest to Joaquin Phoenix as single mother Sophie Dumond. Sophie has been described as an unbeautiful, hardened New York woman just trying to make ends meet and catch a break. As the film seems to be going for a more realistic story for the Joker, Beetz will likely don less glamorous and stylish attire that she was last seen wearing as Domino. The film just started its principal photography in New York City this month, with director Todd Phillips sharing Joaquin Phoenix's unique Joker look.

The actress's excitement to work with the Oscar-nominated actor is certainly understandable. Joaquin Phoenix has delivered memorable performance in films such as Walk the Line, Her and The Master. Joker will mark his first take on a comic book character and is certainly the highest-profile role he has portrayed thus far (I mean, besides Jesus). Zazie Beetz will get to be close by as he tackles this exciting role, and in an unprecedented film within Warner Bros. lineup no less.

Joker has an impressive cast put together, as it features Robert DeNiro as a talk show host, Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne and Frances Conroy as the eponymous character's mother. Considering what we know so far, the film doesn't seem to be carefully following its source material, making for a lot of surprises for fans. Joker is set to be released on October 4, 2019.

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