Lady Gaga in A Star is Born

Just a decade ago, Lady Gaga was a rising pop star who dazzled people all over the world with her powerhouse vocals and flashy on-stage persona. And as she recently told CinemaBlend, she unquestionably believed in herself from the beginning, banging on doors all over New York City until she could get signed and unleash her remarkable talent to the public eye. In the upcoming A Star is Born, her first time as a film lead, Gaga plays a rising singer, but not anything like she's know for in real life. She is nearly unrecognizable, as she dons a natural look and plays a timid artist who just needs someone to tell her she meant for something more. Despite their differences, Lady Gaga and her character do face some of the same situations, as she explained:

I always flipped it on its head. If they wanted me to look sexy, I wanted to look weird. You know? To me, I always wanted to define what it meant to be me. I always had something to say, and I always made sure no one stood in my way when I wanted to say it. You know, Ally goes through these things as well as she's navigating her career. It was very important to me that this character was completely different from me and I hope that the message of love between them and believing in someone---you know, 100 people could be in one room and 99 don't believe in you but just one believes and it can change your whole life.

In the case of A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine is the 1 in 100 who believes in Lady Gaga's Ally, propelling her into stardom far surpassing his own. For Gaga, who has had a short acting resume thus far, namely with her highly-praised performance on American Horror Story: Hotel, Cooper offered her the leading role of a lifetime. While Warner Bros. wasn't originally convinced that Gaga could pull off the role, who Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland played in the past, Cooper entrusted his passion project with Gaga as his partner. As Gaga explained in a video from ET Canada, A Star is Born is clearly a passion project for her as well, as she soon unleashes her acting chops to theaters.

The film will focus on the relationship between Jackson Maine and Ally as he discovers her and believes in her vocals enough to bring her up on a major stage to duet with him. As they go on the road together, the pair fall in love, however Ally discovers Jackson's struggle with alcoholism as she rises in popularity. Lady Gaga will show off her iconic voice though with a very different story than her own in A Star is Born, in theaters on October 5.

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