Bradley Cooper Wiped Lady Gaga’s Makeup Off For Her A Star Is Born Audition

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Performing on stage A Star Is Born

If you know anything about Lady Gaga's legacy as a performer, then you likely know that a lot of her persona has been cultivated around the concept of outlandish glamour. She's been known to wear bizarre outfits, along with some pretty dazzling cosmetics. However, that wasn't what Bradley Cooper was interested in when she walked in to audition for A Star Is Born, and the American Sniper star apparently wiped her makeup off during her tryout.

This report comes courtesy of The Los Angeles Times. According to the story, Lady Gaga walked into the audition for A Star Is Born wearing makeup. However, it wasn't Lady Gaga that Bradley Cooper wanted in his movie, it was her real-life counterpart, Stefani Germanotta. Wanting to make the actress "open" and remove any sense of "artifice" from her performance, Cooper took out a makeup wipe and removed the American Horror Story star's makeup in order to create something a bit more real.

It makes a certain degree of sense to know that Bradley Cooper wanted to remove the makeup from Lady Gaga's face when she walked in to audition for the role. As seen in the trailers and early footage from the movie, A Star Is Born takes a very non-glamorous look at the world of music, and Lady Gaga's character is supposed to come from the working-class world.

One of the other interesting things to note about this process, aside from the fact that Bradley Cooper actually wiped makeup off of Lady Gaga's face, is the fact that the folks at Warner Bros. actually wanted the singer/actress to audition for the role. It may seem surprising to some, given the sheer size of her star in Hollywood, but some were unsure if she was actually right for the role until she showcased what she could do.

A Star Is Born is a remake of a classic cinematic tale that has been told several times over the course of the last century. The film centers on an alcoholic country star (Bradley Cooper) who finds a muse in the form of a young singer (Lady Gaga). As the two strike up an intimate relationship and go on the road together, his habits begin to unravel and drive a potential wedge between them. Lady Gaga's character, Ally, is a cinematic icon at this point, having been previously portrayed by legends like Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand. In addition to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born has assembled an all-star cast that also includes stand-up comedy icon Dave Chappelle, as well as Tombstone actor Sam Elliott.

Make sure to watch out for A Star Is Born later this fall when it premieres in theaters on October 5th. Beyond that, you can also head over to our movie premiere guide to read up on all of the other films that are currently lined up to debut in theaters before the end of 2018!

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