AMC Stubs A-List Is Seriously Boosting Attendance

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While MoviePass has seen a 76% decline in new app downloads since June, AMC's competing service is riding high with a successful start of its own movie ticket subscription. Just three months in, AMC Stubs A-List has just announced it has over 380,000 members of the service, which has particularly gained traction at the end of the summer, as 120,000 members signed on in the last six weeks. AMC Stubs A-List offers three movies a week for $19.95, including all available formats, along with other additional perks.

The service allows its members to see three movies a week, with access to any showing from any of its AMC chains. Tickets can be purchased far in advance or just a few minutes before the showing. AMC Stubs A-List also offers a 12-month protection guarantee for its members, ensuring no changes in pricing or benefits will change. Members also receive benefits when making purchases at the concession stand, such as free upgrades on popcorn and drinks, along with a priority line to wait in. The program also rewards its members for using their membership with a rewards program, leading to credit toward future purchases.

It's a pretty tempting deal, so it's not a surprise that is has grown so quickly since its launch. AMC Stubs A-List arguably came at the perfect time, when MoviePass started glitching and changing around the specifics of its perks, producing more and more unsatisfied customers. As interest in MoviePass declines, past customers could be turning to AMC Stubs A-List to quench their thirst to see multiple movies a month for one price.

With the company's announcement, AMC also said that the service is helping spike year over year attendance for the first time since 2015. Stubs A-List is making an impact on overall attendance, as members are bringing non-members along and buying concessions to make up for the low price per month for up to 12 movies. Those who have signed up have increased how often they go to the movie theaters, meaning subscribers are really using their benefits.

In a time when moviegoers can stay in the comfort of their living rooms and watch streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, AMC has been making a conscious effort to improve the movie theater experiences for consumers. The theater chain has been successful in its various initiatives, even with skyrocketing stock growth earlier this year. AMC's most recent venture to compete with Moviepass and Sinemia by unleashing its own movie ticket subscription service is seeing huge success as well in getting more people to the movie theaters. While AMC Stubs A-List is still in the early stages, the company seems ready to take on more growth with open arms as the move has already put AMC is a better position already.

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