What's Going On With Edge Of Tomorrow 2, According To Christopher McQuarrie

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

A sequel to the well-praised Edge of Tomorrow has been in development for some time. Now the writer of the first film has an update for fans. Unfortunately, any fans expecting to hear that the movie might go before cameras anytime soon will be disappointed. Christopher McQuarrie admits he has no clue when we might actually see the movie. However, all hope is not lost because the film is still an active concern. According to McQuarrie...

We're working on it. No idea how or when it will happen.

Christopher McQuarrie gave this response on Twitter to a fan asking what the status of Edge of Tomorrow 2, or Live Die Repeat and Repeat, as it is otherwise known. While the project has been in development for some time, and was apparently born from a rock-solid idea for a follow-up, the movie has seemed to stall out. The last thing we heard, several months ago, was Emily Blunt saying that a new script was in the works, though it was apparently based on the same idea from director Doug Liman. Liman, for his part, has not been shy about playing up just how impressive this new movie was going to be. However, it appears that the idea is so big that it has become difficult to write.

The first Edge of Tomorrow saw Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt fighting an alien invasion via time travel, as Tom Cruise's character had the ability to repeat the same time period over and over again each time he died, thus learning new information about the adversary each time. The first film wrapped with the invasion seemingly defeated, so exactly how a sequel would move the story forward isn't clear, but it seems that's sort of where the new movie's idea comes from.

However, while we may not be getting the Edge of Tomorrow sequel any time soon, it does still appear that the plan is to get it at some point. Christopher McQuarrie is clear that the movie is being actively worked on, it's not sitting on an empty shelf someplace being forgotten about. Tom Cruise is busy right now filming Top Gun: Maverick, so he wouldn't be able to jump into the movie right now anyway. Although, the actor's schedule appears to be mostly open once that is done, and we're also not aware of anything big that Emily Blunt is working on, having recently wrapped filming on Disney's Jungle Cruise, so we may actually be coming into a good moment in time to film Edge of Tomorrow 2, assuming everything else is ready to go as well.

At this point, it seems unlikely anybody is holding their breath waiting for this sequel, so hopefully, they'll take their time and make sure that when they do make the movie, they make something great.

Dirk Libbey
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