Miles Teller Has Gotten Ripped For Top Gun: Maverick

Miles Teller Top Gun 2 set photos are insane

Top Gun: Maverick changed release dates recently, which means fans will have to wait nearly an entire extra year before the final product finally hits theaters. That said, it doesn't seem to be slowing down production on the Top Gun sequel, as the movie was set to get started filming at the end of this month, despite the delay. In fact, recently Top Gun 2 actor Miles Teller was spotted leaving the gym with a look that indicates he's working on the movie. Not only is he rocking a mustache in honor of the upcoming movie, but paparazzi photos caught him running errands and looking super buff, as well.

Miles Teller looked fairly fit for this year's Thank You For Your Service and 2016's Bleed for This, but Top Gun 2 looks like it took him a little extra work. It's no wonder Top Gun: Maverick might require some additional workouts. First, even though he is over 50, Tom Cruise is still one of the fittest people in Hollywood. Any new actors in the franchise are going to have to compete with that. Secondly, in the original Top Gun, one of the most famous sequences was a volleyball scene involving a lot of shirtless people. While we don't know if the sequel will revisit the same scene, it seems likely there will be some sort of shirtless scenario to look forward to. Ergo, more muscles from the major cast members.

While we haven't been privy to set photos from the studio, yet, Miles Teller was looking pretty fit in a recent image with his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry. Take a look, below, or head over to TMZ to check out the paparazzi photos.

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In Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller is set to play a huge character. He's appearing in the film as Goose's son and according to casting news, he'll be a promising pilot and Maverick's protege, which would be fitting, although there may be complications to that relationship, also. Joining Teller in Top Gun 2 are Tom Cruise, Manny Jacinto, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, Monica Barbaro Glenn Powell and more.

Top Gun: Maverick is definitely starting to come together, and we'll keep you updated with additional details as the movie continues moving forward. Although we won't get the final product until June 26, 2020, there are plenty of other movies to look forward to in the meantime. Take a look at what is coming up with our 2019 movie premiere schedule.

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