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Yes Jimmy, it dose seem weird for a woman to be driving a truck. To make matters even weirder, it’s Michelle Monaghan driving that truck. Trucker premiered at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, but wasn’t picked up by Monterey Media for distribution until this year. Monaghan stars as Diane Ford, a long-haul truck driver who enjoys frequent one-night stands and a whole lot of booze. Her carefree existence is complicated when her son Peter (Jimmy Bennett) is dropped off at her door. Peter’s father (Benjamin Bratt) is in the hospital so they’re stuck with each other for the time being. Diane is forced to accept her new responsibilities and reluctantly delve into her past to try to figure out what’s in store for her future.

Monaghan can carry a film and Bennett is a talented young actor, but it’s hard to expect much from a film with such a poorly edited trailer. Trucker hit theaters in New York City on October 9th and is expected to roll out nationally later this year. Take a look at the trailer below or head over to Apple to see it in HD.

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