Tom Cruise Never Says No While Filming a Mission: Impossible Movie

Mission: Impossible Fallout Ethan hanging from a cargo net in mid air

'No' is a very easy word to say. It's short, to the point and easily dismisses whatever sits in front of its path. And yet, that's not good enough for Tom Cruise when he wants to blaze past an idea he doesn't like in a Mission: Impossible film. Rather, according to his frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, he prefers the following option:

No. Here's what Tom says, he says 'Booooo.' Pitch him something, he'll say, 'Booo. Boring.' There's no bones about it. But no, he never says no.

Collider got this knowledge first hand, as the outlet ran a Q&A with McQuarrie during a screening of Mission: Impossible - Fallout in its ongoing series of IMAX-enhanced films. With his reputation for doing any and every crazy stunt known to humanity, the question of whether Tom Cruise says no to an idea came to pass. But as you'll see above, Cruise not only rejects any idea he's not a fan of with a simple "boo," he'll egg his collaborators on to do better.

It's interesting to know that there are still some ideas that Tom Cruise will reject when making a film like Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Though the fact that it's due to him being bored by specific ideas definitely sounds on brand, as anyone that can break their ankle and complete the take without breaking character is the sort that likes to push it to the limit. Of course, that's not the only time that Cruise has been known to say no.

As we previously learned, there was a pretty big "boo" that Tom Cruise issued when it came to Mission: Impossible - Fallout, which involved Henry Cavill and his eagerness to perform the HALO jump stunt himself. So not only will Cruise veto an idea due to its boredom, he'll also obviously do so in the name of someone else's safety. Other than that, everything else is fair game, and not even Christopher McQuarrie knows how painful that fact is for those who'd dare to ensure him on any particular film.

While Tom Cruise might seem like quite the madman, it's nice to know that there's still some limits that even he keeps in place. The future of Mission: Impossible is up in the air for the moment, but at least we know that should a seventh film be in the works, Cruise's sharply honed decision making process will be in place to keep things as fresh as ever.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is set to hit 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 4, but you're not too late to have some action packed fun at the movies. Check out our 2018 release schedule to see what's exploding into theaters in this last quarter.

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