Midnight Texas' Dylan Bruce Pitched A Nude Scene That's Probably Too Far For NBC

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Midnight, Texas is back for Season 2 this week. This time around, we already know the show is making plenty of changes, including planning to get sexier and "more salacious." Expect a lot of bumping and grinding from multiple characters in the new episodes, including from Dylan Bruce and Parisa Fitz-Henley, who play Bobo and Fiji on the show. One of the scenes fans won't be seeing, however, is a hilarious nude scene that Midnight, Texas' Bruce actually pitched to the creative team ahead of Season 2.

In an interview with CinemaBlend and other reporters on the set of Midnight, Texas in the desert outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dylan Bruce revealed that sometimes he is a creative type while the show is coming together. In short, he's a man of ideas. Ahead of Season 2, he revealed that he pitched a fun scene he really wanted to see Fiji and Bobo get into in the bedroom. Alas, the pitch will likely only live on through these glorious quotes. Per Bruce:

Well, Bobo and Fiji are doing the nasty quite often and there's this scene in Thelma and Louise where Brad Pitt dances with a cowboy hat over his junk and I was like, 'Can you guys write me a scene where I dance with a cowboy hat over my junk. I think it would be really fun. And Eric's like, 'I'll think about it.' I don't think that would have made it past network standards and practices, but... they showed Milo's butt on This is Us. C'mon!

While Dylan Bruce seemed jazzed about his cowboy hat pitch, he also mentioned the scene may not make sense for the primetime network TV show even if the new season has showrunners who are super pop culture savvy and could get behind a Thelma and Louise nod. Then again, Milo Ventimiglia did get a very revealing nude scene in that other NBC network primetime series, so now that the producers know Bruce is still hoping to play a cowboy down the line perhaps we'll get a racy scene of this ilk at some point. What's definitely true is that we can't expect to see that particular plot rear its head in the new episodes.

Still, Midnight, Texas certainly has a lot of romantic connections heading into its second season on NBC. The relationship between Bobo and Fiji is one of the big ones and we are going to see them in a lot of interesting sexual positions during the new episodes. Sadly, even a late night Friday series is still subject to network standards and viewer will only get to see what the network standards allow. As much as Dylan Bruce was pumped for his pitch to producers Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing Bruce wearing nothing but a cowboy hat in Season 2. We will see him shirtless a lot, however.

This year on Midnight, Texas, the series shot during the summer months, which really helped for all of the shirtless scenes, especially when Joe (Jason Lewis) rips his shirt off to fly outside. As for Dylan Bruce, he really just hopes all of those half-nude scenes are worth it for the viewer. There's been a lot of self-sacrifice that has gone into looking that fit for the NBC series. Per the actor:

I'll tell you this much, I'm surprised I have even shirts in my wardrobe, because I literally do not wear a shirt all season long. And it has been such a pain in the ass, let me tell you. I just want to eat a burger for chrissake.

Fellow Midnight, Texas actress Parisa Fitz-Henley, who plays Fiji on the series, did tell CinemaBlend a little bit about what we can expect from the Bobo and Fiji relationship in Season 2. Besides the sex, there may be a little trouble in paradise. She talked about the creative decision to get them together before noting,

I thought the Bobo and Fiji story might stretch out longer the way that it does in the books, but then you know I feel like the creators have been able to make sense of the decisions that they've made as we've gone along, even if they've changed the timeline of something. So, I was surprised, but I was like, 'Alright, here we go. We're doing this!' We're gonna do this romance here. Then, I love that of course it's never simple. It's like here, get together, oh guess what, he's a Nazi. Oops. I mean, he's not, but you know, it's complicated.

We already know that Bobo has a neo-Nazi family out there who invited him to join in on nefarious acts as a teenager. He later fled, but even before the series was renewed for Season 2, the creative team was discussing how this story could affect the relationship between the main characters. We've heard from Francois Arnaud, Dylan Bruce and other cast members that the new episodes will feature fewer standalones that delve into backstory, but the characters origins will still come into play in other ways. In fact, due to info we know about Bobo's family and Fiji's previous history with her former lover, Jeremy, whom she killed, Bobo and Fiji's relationship is expected to get complicated in Season 2. Regardless, before that happens, Midnight, Texas will be having a lot of fun with the new couple, especially in the bedroom. Unfortunately, no cowboy hats will be involved.

As filming wraps up on Midnight, Texas and the viewer gets the first taste of Season 2, we hope Dylan Bruce gets that burger to celebrate. Hell, we hope he gets burgers to celebrate, although we'll have to wait and see how the supernatural series does in its brand new timeslot. You can catch Midnight, Texas in its official return to the schedule on Friday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET, followed by NBC's Dateline. Be sure to take a look at all the premieres coming this fall with our full schedule as well.

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