First Trailer For True Blood Author's New Show Is Monster-Filled Insanity

True Blood has been off the air for a couple of summers now, and fans of the campy supernatural series have really been missing their fix. NBC is hoping to quench our thirst for supernatural fare---and even vampires---with new series Midnight, Texas, which also comes from True Blood writer Charlaine Harris, who wrote the novels the TV series is based on. Now, we've finally gotten a good look at what Midnight, Texas will be about, and we have to say we're all in. If you enjoyed HBO's former supernatural drama, you may be, too. Give the first trailer a watch, below.

The trailer for Midnight, Texas introduces us to Manfred Bernardo, a man who seems to be running away from something. Thanks to some advice from his dead grandmother---who appears in ghost form---he ends up in Midnight, a small town in Texas. He soon realizes he fits right in the town, which is populated by supernatural creatures and misfits. No one is exactly what they seem at first glance---even Manfred himself. As we see toward the end of the trailer, a dead body will soon shake the town to its core.

Midnight, Texas was just announced to to series by NBC four months ago, and now the network is already giving us a good look at the upcoming supernatural drama. I'm going to go ahead and venture to say you should know whether or not this is up your alley right away. The small-town setting, the eeriness and campiness and, of course, the supernatural element all tie in to the same sort of world inhabited by the True Blood characters, even if Charlaine Harris is taking us to Texas this time, rather than Louisiana.

The show is expected to premiere on NBC in 2017, but the pilot has already come together and was even screened at New York Comic-Con this weekend, so things are moving forward rather quickly on this show's front. As for NBC, the network could really use another supernatural drama to fill the niche where Grimm will be leaving off. The long-running Friday night drama was expected to return for its final season this fall; however, now the network has pushed the series' final set of episodes to midseason. Grimm has done well for NBC, and Midnight, Texas could, too.

Similar to True Blood, NBC will be using Harris' novels to as some of the storylines on the show, but will be incorporating original material, as well. Word is still out on whether or not NBC will use Grimm's final season as a jumping off point to promote Midnight, Texas, but that Friday night timeslot really does seem like a good fit for that sort of show. We'll let you know as soon as the major networks start announcing midseason dates. In the meantime, you can check out which shows have yet to hit the schedule this fall. Oh and if you still taking the loss of True Blood pretty hard, the good news is that it's becoming a musical. More details here.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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