The Blunt Reason Why A Star Is Born Lost Beyonce And Clint Eastwood

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born
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When A Star Is Born was released last month, it was the culmination of an 11-year journey for Warner Bros. and at one point, Clint Eastwood tapped to direct and Beyoncé as its lead. One of the film's longtime producers, Bill Gerber recently opened up about why the previous iteration was dropped-- later replaced by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to center stage. Here's what he said:

Time happened. Beyonce got pregnant, and then Clint went off and did another movie. At the time I thought, 'I'm going to be able to make a movie with my old dear friend' --- not old, my young dear friend --- and I was so excited about it. And I called Beyonce's people, and she came out, she met with Clint, and I'm sitting there and I think I'm watching something historic about to happen. And then it didn't. It's just the movie business.

Nabbing one of the world's most celebrated vocalist Beyoncé and actor/director Clint Eastwood for a project must have felt monumental for the producer, until it wasn't. According to his comments to The Hollywood Reporter, the project didn't fit in either of their lives at the time. Timing just wasn't on Bill Gerber's side when he had the two big names on the project. If a A Star Is Born was made with these talents, it would have certainly been a completely different film. Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Christian Bale were also linked to play the male lead.

Producer Bill Gerber had just worked with Clint Eastwood on 2008's Gran Torino when the idea for a remake of A Star is Born began its slow development, making him a natural choice as director. When Eastwood dropped the project, Bradley Cooper had worked with him on American Sniper and was looking for a directorial debut. The actor said he had things he wanted to explore in a movie to call his own such as trauma, family, a love story and with music.

A Star Is Born fit the bill perfectly and became the emotional musical masterpiece we've seen on screen. Lady Gaga was also rising actor with her Golden Globe win for American Horror Story: Hotel primed for a proper film debut.

While the idea of Beyoncé in a role such as Ally's in A Star is Born sounds like an incredible choice and Clint Eastwood has directed some impressive films, now that we've seen Bradley Cooper's film I wouldn't want to see it made it any other way. The story's backbone has been told three times before under the same name, but the 2018 release felt completely unique and is a powerful accomplishment for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The pair seemed to have completely understood each other's vision, and made the film a passion project in a way no other team could have pulled off.

While the film gave Lady Gaga the opportunity shine on the big screen, we especially hope Beyoncé returns to star in a film of her own with music someday.

A Star is Born is still in theaters and a potential Oscars frontrunner as award season continues to unfold.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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