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Over the course of three films together, actor Mark Wahlberg and writer and director Sean Anders have made a lasting partnership when it comes to filmmaking. Now, with their latest film Instant Family heading to theaters, the two are looking to branch out into a more serious, yet still hysterical school of thought. A goal that is only enhanced by their growing bond as a team over the course of multiple movies.

CinemaBlend had the opportunity to speak with both men as part of the Instant Family press day, and the growth of their team is best encapsulated in the thoughts they shared with us. When asked about the subject of how their team -- formed through two previous outings in the Daddy's Home franchise -- has changed over time, Wahlberg had the following to say:

I've worked with directors of various levels of experience. Sean [Anders] knows what he wants, knows how to get it. He's a writer / director. And then doing something that's so personal to him, it's just a wonderful experience. I mean, if he asked me to do something that was just, again, a broad comedy, I probably jump at the chance. But it's such fun to be able to do something that's really about something important, and also as a movie for everybody to see. Make you laugh, make you cry and he's just grown so much as a filmmaker.

You can tell the two have immense trust in each others' gifts, as Mark Wahlberg tends to frequently work with collaborators he trusts. Looking at his past resume, you can see that along with Sean Anders, famous names like Michael Bay and Peter Berg would make the list of those trusted partners who Wahlberg particularly approves of.

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In turn, when looking at the films that Mark Wahlberg has made with those directors, you can see that no matter what the actor is doing on screen, it's all in the name of creating a well-rounded film.

But trusting relationships go both ways. To that effect, co-writer / director of Instant Family Sean Anders certainly shows a deep amount of trust in Mark Wahlberg's abilities. This is even more important when it comes to this most recent film, as the story behind Instant Family is inspired by Anders' own experiences with adopting and raising foster children.

As far as Sean Anders' answer to the question of how he's grown from working in his partnership with Mark Wahlberg, his noted,

I learned a lot from Mark. I mean, Mark and I have a really similar sensibility when we're working. We like to get down to it and get moving through it as quickly as we can and keep the energy up onset. I think that that's one thing that mark really likes about working with John [Morris, co-writer] and I. But the other thing that I have to say ... Mark sort of added another gear for me on [Instant Family.] When I asked him to be in it, I stayed up late rewriting an email to him over and over, because I wanted him to play Pete so badly. And he called me right away the next morning and just said, 'yes.' He didn't say, 'let me talk to my agents, let me see how it works in the schedule.' He said yes.

The partnership between Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg is one of those pairings that seems to be valuable to both the film industry and its patrons. Where it will go next is anyone's guess, but after the Instant Family, I'm hoping that further steps into the heartfelt comedy arena will be taken. Whatever the future brings us is already exciting to anticipate.

Instant Family hits theaters in early screenings tonight, with its full release taking place tomorrow.

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