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Jared Leto Has Shaved His Beard Ahead Of Shooting Morbius

Following the success of Venom, it appears that Morbius will be the next film out of the gates in Sony's burgeoning Spider-Verse. Set to star in the film as Dr. Michael Morbius is Oscar winner Jared Leto. To get ready for the role as Marvel's living vampire, Jared Leto had to shave his beard and he made quite the hilarious ceremony of doing so. Take a look:

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If Jared Leto had to lose his beard, at least he had a good time doing so. This goofy Twitter video begins somewhat ominously, with the music seeming to tease the profound event that is about to happen before Jared Leto says "Fuck It" and begins to shave. Then, as one does when shaving off a lot of facial hair, he plays around with the various stages of facial hair, while seeing how ridiculous he can possibly look and act.

I've got to say, I would have thought Jared Leto as the kind of guy who would use a straight razor. But he's not Morbius yet so he chose to forego that potential bloodletting. This is a very cinematic eulogy to one's beard, and with that clean-looking shave, Jared Leto should probably just sell this to Gillette as a commercial. That is, if the shaving giant didn't sponsor his new look already.

In the comics, Morbius traditionally is clean-shaven with the exception of a thin, and ill-advised goatee. We didn't see Jared Leto's final look, but he did have shaving cream all over his face so that means his Morbius might be completely clean-shaven.

It originally appeared that Silver and Black was the furthest along of the reported Spider-Verse movies, but that is being reworked. Now it seems Jared Leto's Morbius will be next up, and should arrive in theaters to continue the infant franchise. There is no official release date yet, but Jared Leto is clearly already prepping for the role-- and you've got to think that Sony wants to keep going and soon to build off of the success of Venom.

Not long ago the idea of a Morbius movie seemed rather ridiculous. After all, this was a Spider-Man character with very little public awareness in a film that wouldn't feature the web crawler himself. But in the wake of Venom crushing at the box office, Morbius seems far more viable. In the same vein as Venom, Michael Morbius is an anti-hero who is not all good or bad but is more than willing to spill the blood of his enemies.

Safe House and Life director Daniel Espinosa is set to direct Morbius, based on a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The film is expected to tell the story of Michael Morbius, a scientist with a rare blood disease who accidentally transforms himself into a living vampire. He then uses his newfound powers and need for sustenance to prey on the wicked.

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