While Tom Holland's Spider-Man is off battling aliens in the MCU, Sony is hard at work building out its own Spider-Verse populated with the various characters from the web slinger's impressive canon. Fortunately for Sony, Spider-Man has a plethora of villains, allies and frenemies that have yet to make a splash onscreen. The new Spider-Verse kicks off in earnest this fall with the release of Ruben Fleischer's Venom and that is just the start. There seem to be a lot of irons in the fire, or spiders in the web if you prefer, at the moment and while some like Nightwatch and Silver and Black are still in development, the Morbius spinoff film has gotten a jump on the casting process, with the DCEU's Joker, Jared Leto, signing on to play Marvel's Living Vampire.

Unlike Venom, who is almost as recognizable as Spider-Man himself, Morbius is probably unknown to many people by name or image. Daniel Espinosa is attached to direct Morbius, which does not yet have a release date set, though it's never too early to get an idea of who we're dealing with. So who exactly is Morbius? And what the heck is a living vampire? Isn't that a contradiction? Read ahead for everything you need to know about Morbius.

Morbius Has A Tragic Origin

Doctor Octopus, The Lizard, Sandman: Spider-Man has no shortage of tragic villains and Morbius is no exception. The character created by Roy Thomas and designed by Gil Kane first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 in 1971. Born in Greece to a single mother, Michael Morbius grew up with a rare blood condition that made him extremely weak. Intellectually gifted, Michael Morbius went on to become a doctor and a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist. In an attempt to find a cure for fatal blood diseases, to save himself and others, Dr. Morbius developed an experimental treatment using his knowledge of biochemistry. The treatment involved the use of vampire bats and electroshock therapy. He subjected himself to the process, which both succeeded and failed, proving sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. His blood condition was cured but he was left with truly horrific side effects.

After the experimental procedure, Morbius underwent major physical changes. He transformed to look more like the vampire bats that were a part of his experiment with his ears and nose reshaping to become very bat-like. His skin turned white and he grew fangs. Basically, he looked like a man-bat and also a vampire. More than just a physical transformation, Morbius became afflicted with that traditional vampiric thirst for human blood, which he needs to consume in order to survive.

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