Ryan Reynolds’ Newest Hugh Jackman Troll Is An A+

After spending 17 years as Wolverine in the X-Men films, Hugh Jackman found the perfect opportunity to hang up his claws in 2017's Logan. The moving send-off brought closure to many fans of his portrayal of the badass character but not everyone will let his Wolverine rest in peace, cough, cough Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool actor has been at maximum effort to pull Wolverine out of retirement but Jackman is a man of his word. Take a look:

Shots fired! Hugh Jackman was of course asked again about the possibility of a Deadpool / Wolverine crossover that Ryan Reynolds has passionately talked up and hide your ears Wade Wilson, it's not pretty. Jackman stands by his decision to put Wolverine behind him and Reynolds is apparently standing by his role as president of the "Bring Back Wolverine Foundation." The hilarious actor called out Jackman on Twitter with some fighting words.

The tweet links to an article by Screen Rant about a recent interview with Hugh Jackman where the actor further confirmed his lack of plans to return as Wolverine. Jackman also talked about how "relentless" Ryan Reynolds is in trying to sway him to co-star in a Deadpool movie, and has approached him multiple times. In Reynolds' defense, a team-up between the two characters would be an entertaining mash up, and considering the actors' cute relationship, their on-screen chemistry would be off the charts.

Jackman was the butt of a few hilarious jokes in Deadpool and Reynolds has gone so far to even say he'd cast him as himself just for the chance to work with him again. Considering the goofy fourth-wall breaking nature of the franchise, this idea would not only work but may be the best play for Reynolds to pitch to him.

There is something to be said about giving a character the proper send off and letting it stick in service of him, as Hugh Jackman did with Logan. The actor played the character in eight X-Men movies, including cameos for almost two decades; so, maybe Ryan Reynolds should just let old man Logan rest in peace.

With the Disney and Fox merger soon to be in full effect, the Marvel Universe could get a lot more interesting and feature some more crossover opportunities for Deadpool. While we have no idea if the studios will take the plunge and bring the Avengers and X-Men characters together, they technically can now and that opens some doors. Ryan Reynolds' iconic character is already entering PG-13 territory this holiday season with the special re-release of Deadpool 2.

The film is getting a new title Once Upon a Deadpool and will be framed around a funny callback to The Princess Bride on December 12. Expect a bitter Christmas card, Hugh Jackman.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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