Ryan Reynolds Wants Hugh Jackman In A Deadpool Movie But Not As Wolverine

Deadpool hugh jackman mask

Deadpool exists on the fringes of the X-Men franchise, directly addressing those movies but never quite getting to play with them. One example is how Deadpool loves referencing Wolverine, but the character hasn't appeared in a Deadpool movie. After Logan, it's probably going to stay that way, but Ryan Reynolds is gunning for the next best thing: Hugh Jackman. The actor's days as Wolverine are over, but he still has plenty of time left as Hugh Jackman, and Reynolds wants Jackman to cameo in a Deadpool movie as himself. In an interview, Reynolds revealed:

I'm just going to double down on Hugh Jackman... But not as Logan, just as Hugh Jackman.

The X-Men franchise has never been shy about Wolverine cameos. The character has appeared in every film with "X-Men" in the title in one way or another. Even in X-Men: First Class, a movie that was supposed to have nothing to do with him, he has one of the most memorable scenes in the film. There's lots of power in a Wolverine cameo, but Hugh Jackman has officially retired from the character following the Oscar-nominated Logan. That means it's unlikely that the character will ever show to snark and stab Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds thinks that it'd be hilarious to have Hugh Jackman appear as himself in a future Deadpool movie.

While promoting Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of the sequel was asked who they would want to join X-Force if given the choice of anyone from any franchise. After no-brainers that included Celine Dion and Howard the Duck, Ryan Reynolds told BuzzFeed that he wanted to get Hugh Jackman in a cameo. The actor has gotten plenty of shout-outs from the Deadpool series, but he's never appeared in any of the movies. And the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene in which Logan appears through X-Men Origins: Wolverine footage doesn't count.

Reynolds didn't elaborate on any specifics, but it's easy to see the appeal (and fun!) of having Jackman meet Deadpool. Someone else from the Deadpool 2 cast proposed that Hugh Jackman could sing or appear as his Les Miserable character, to which Reynolds replied, "Oh totally." A Deadpool 3 has not yet been confirmed, with even Reynolds casting doubt that another solo movie will happen, but one can only hope that Deadpool and Jackman can share the screen together one way or another.

Deadpool 2 is already available on Digital HD, but you'll be able to own the physical copy of the movie once it releases on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on August 21. In the meantime, plenty of movies are hitting theaters for the rest of the year, so check them all out in our handy 2018 movie release schedule.

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