What’s Happening With Amy Adams’ Enchanted Sequel, Disenchanted?

Giselle and Robert in Enchanted

Disney has been cashing in on the trend of nostalgia in the movie industry by creating live-action adaptations of its animated blockbusters. The House of Mouse will go the more traditional sequel route with Mary Poppins Returns, but many fans are still wondering what happened to the Enchanted sequel. Titled Disenchanted, the project has long been in development, and CinemaBlend just got an update from director Adam Shankman.

CinemaBlend recently spoke to Adam Shankman about his new Taraji P. Henson movie What Men What, where the conversation eventually turned to his announced role as director of Disenchanted. Shankman said the following:

Yeah, we're still working on it. We're plugging away. We are trying to get there to start... we are pounding forward. I can just say that, Amy (Adams) has read the most recent scripts. We're real happy with the most recent script. And we're just wrestling now with things like budget and getting music written and all of that. I'm hoping that it's imminent.

While not exactly breaking news, this update is certainly going to be exciting for Enchanted fans out there. Because with the script finally shaping up and star Amy Adams on board to reprise her role a Giselle, it looks like the wheels are finally moving forward, and making Disenchanted a reality.

Adam Shankman's comments to CinemaBlend's Sarah El-Mahmoud will likely be a relief for moviegoers who thought an Enchanted sequel was never going to happen. The original movie was released back in 2007, so it's already been well over a decade of waiting. And while those involved occasionally give vague updates, Shanksman's most recent statement makes the plans feel a bit more concrete.

Enchanted featured a great cast of actors, with Amy Adams leading the charge as cartoon princess turned fish out of water Giselle. James Marsdon matched her ridiculousness as Prince Edward, while Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey played the straight man as Robert. Frozen star Idina Menzel also played Robert's fiancee Nancy, who ended up going 2-D and falling in love with Edward by the film's end.

Disenchanted would be able to give fans an update about how Giselle is adjusting to life in the real world, and her role as a mother figure to Morgan. Furthermore, it could give Idina Menzel the opportunity to belt out some new Disney tunes, as Nancy's time in Andalasia likely made her a bit more musical. Acclaimed composer Alan Menken wrote the music for the first film, so hopefully Adam Shankman is working alongside the writer for the developing sequel.

Of course, it's likely going to be quite some time for Disenchanted to come to theaters, as it hasn't even been written, let alone filmed and edited. As such, the mystery surrounding Adam Shankman's upcoming Disney feature won't slow down anytime soon.

You can catch Adam Shankman's What Men Want when it arrives in theaters on February 8, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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