What's Happening With Enchanted 2, According To Its Director

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Enchanted has been working toward a sequel for the entirety of this decade, and yet, slowly but surely, the follow-up continues to take small steps forward. Now we have our latest update. Enchanted 2, which is currently going by the title Disenchanted, is actually about to take a big step forward as, according to director Adam Shankman, the script for the movie is very nearly complete. At least most of it is. Apparently, the prose will be submitted to Disney shortly, with work on the music set to begin once that's done. According to Shankman...

We are handing in a script in a couple weeks that I'm super happy with. Then gotta get the music written.

Adam Shankman spoke with Slashfilm last week, which means the script is probably about a week away from being ready to go. From there, it moves on to the songwriters. The five original songs written for the original Enchanted were created by the team of Alan Menkin and Stephen Schwartz. Who will be writing the music this time around has not been made official, but there's a pretty good chance that Disney will bring back the original team if that is at all possible. Alan Menkin has been Disney's go-to guy for music for decades, and Enchanted saw three songs nominated for Oscars and surely that's something the studio would like to see happen again, even if it's now technically impossible, as Academy rules only allow two songs from the same film to be nominated.

The songwriting may take some time, as Adam Shankman reveals that the current plan is for Disenchanted to have many more songs than the five the first film had. Once the songs are written and a script is complete, the long-gestating movie can finally go into production. At this point, it looks like a release before 2020 would be unlikely, making it a full decade that the Enchanted sequel has been in development.

The story, as far as we know it, will focus on Amy Adams' Giselle 10-years after the events of Enchanted. As the title suggests, she will be in a state of disillusionment regarding the real world. As Adam Shankman explains, the story is about Giselle wondering what "happily ever after" really means.

So far, Amy Adams is the only name officially attached to Disenchanted. Both James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey are rumored to reprise their roles from the first film, though that's never been confirmed. Honestly, considering what the movie is supposed to be about, learning that Giselle and Robert broke up some time after the credits rolled would make a lot of sense, and also continue the first film's tendency to take those fairy tale tropes and throw them out the window.

Dirk Libbey
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