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New Look At Hellboy Sees David Harbour In Action

The Hellboy reboot starring Stranger Things' David Harbour and from director Neil Marshall is arriving in April of next year, and thus far we haven't seen too much from the movie other than some promotional images. Hopefully that is about to change though. We now have a new look from the film itself that shows David Harbour's half-demon in action. Check it out:

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He may not be in Hawkins, Indiana anymore, but David Harbour is still running towards danger and otherworldly forces as Hellboy. We've already seen the actor's new Hellboy posing in promotional images, so it's nice to actually get to see David Harbour in action as Big Red. He looks positively humungous here, like his comic book counterpart and cinematic forerunner.

One thing about this look at the film from Empire Magazine is how it distinguishes itself from Guilermo del Toro's two films. The whole image has a gritty texture to it, a visual representation of the darker, R-rated take on the character that we will be getting with this reboot.

And while it could just be the lighting in this still, the Hellboy we see here running through what looks like some sort of dank underground structure is a less saturated red than what we have seen before. Again, it visually distinguishes the character from his previous incarnation.

Speaking to Empire Magazine, director Neil Marshall indicated that this reboot is going to be bloodier and more violent, and while we don't see that yet in this image, you can already begin to get a sense of what the director of The Descent and the Game of Thrones episode "Blackwater" episode is going for. This film is supposed to venture more into horror territory, which makes sense given the subject matter, and should also help Hellboy stand out from the other superhero movies out there.

Next year's Hellboy will be more faithful to the comics and draw inspiration from storylines in the source material, following the eponymous protagonist as he tries to prevent an evil sorceress from destroying humanity. The reboot will have the B.P.R.D., but it is primarily a Hellboy movie and will focus on his personal struggles like his relationship with his adoptive father. Plot details beyond that are mostly being kept under wraps for the moment.

Hopefully this new look at Hellboy is a trickle that teases the flood to come. The film doesn't come out until April, but a teaser trailer before the end of the year doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility.

Hellboy opens in theaters on April 12, 2019. That's just one of a whole host of comic book movies and blockbusters heading to the big screen next year. Check them all out in our 2019 Release Schedule.

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