Apparently, Stranger Things Has Already Planned Its Ending

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The go-to source for Stranger Things info has rewarded fans again and this time he has revealed a pretty significant piece of intel. Apparently, David Harbour already knows the show's overarching story arc. Which means he's even heard about that arc pertaining to the show's ultimate ending. Explaining his perspective about knowing where his character, at least, is ultimately going David Harbour said:

As you see the end of the story, you'll start to feel why certain characters behaved certain ways. I think that stuff's really important, like knowing where your character's going. A lot of times you don't get that in TV. But the great thing about this is that we knew what season 1 was, and we had ideas about if it extended -- because we didn't know we'd get picked up -- but if it extended, what the end of the actual thing would be. Like Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi have an arc to them. I think Stranger Things, be it Season 4 or Season 5, has an arc to it that I understand. I feel very proud of that because we're not going to get lost in our story and leave these strands. We're going to tie things up.

There are many exciting angles to what Harbour explained in his interview with CNET. Among them is that Stranger Things is not going to be one of those complicated sci-fi series that leaves a slew of dangling plot threads. They are frequently not a popular look and fans have gotten angry when they are left with unfinished narratives in other shows and movies. Viewers are investing time in a story, and David Harbour is happy at least to know that everything the Netflix series has done so far had a purpose.

The actor shared the endgame info while explaining that Stranger Things' creators broke down the show's overall arc on Day One. Yes, you read that correctly. He has had to keep the show's secrets ever since Season 1! Thus, David Harbour has really been carrying his share of Stranger Things spoilers. That is a very different approach to the one Game of Thrones' stars underwent regarding the HBO hit's ending.

The Netflix series' breakout star also shared that knowing how Hopper's story ends has helped him know what is behind the character's choices. He added that knowing the ultimate conclusion has helped him "set up."

One of the things David Harbour was careful not to reveal was whether or not Hopper's story would end when the show does. In other words, it is unclear if Hopper will be around during the final set of episodes. Given his popularity and proximity to the core story, it is hard to imagine what it would be like if he doesn't make it.

Whether Season 4 or Season 5 will be the one that draws the popular series to a close is still up in the air. Talk of that may sound premature; however, if Stranger Things caps its run with Season 4, it would have implications because it would mean Season 3 would be the show's penultimate season.

If that is the case, Season 3 should have a lot going on. It sounds as though Stranger Things' creators have the series' arc set, so I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Whether the exact ending is open to alterations is unclear.

The Duffer Brothers have previously revealed how certain characters did not end up meeting their demise as planned. So, the creators are apparently open to changes that happen as Stranger Things has developed. That is always a positive outlook to have. As long as the threads that viewers are introduced to are sewn into place, everything should work out.

The third season of Stranger Things is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2019. As fans await its premiere, numerous shows are making their debut this fall on the streaming giant and beyond and more is coming throughout midseason, if you want to take a look.

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