Tom Cruise Already Has Big Plans For Mission: Impossible 7

Tom Cruise hanging from a helicopter in Mission: Impossible Fallout

As perhaps the premier action franchise of our time, we have grown to expect each new Mission: Impossible film to wow us with insane action and death-defying stunts from star Tom Cruise. After every entry, fans wonder how will the next film up the ante-- and this year's Mission: Impossible Fallout set a very high bar. Nevertheless, apparently Tom Cruise already has something in mind for Mission: Impossible 7, according to Rogue Nation and Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie:

I can tell you Tom already has a lot of really big ideas. World-topping shit.

It should probably come as no surprise that Tom Cruise is already thinking about the next film in his action franchise. Although they carry the possibility to serious injure the actor, Tom Cruise seems to live for these movies. So he naturally already has some manner of action insanity in mind for Mission: Impossible 7.

Christopher McQuarrie wasn't forthcoming in his interview with Collider about what Tom Cruise's specific ideas are, but the fact that he has them is enough to stir the imagination. The director also mentioned that the action star has "a lot" of ideas, and I'm taking the plural nature of that statement literally to infer that Tom Cruise has a whole film's worth of plans in his head, hoping to enthrall audiences and give the action star his adrenaline fix.

It's also encouraging to hear that the wheels are already turning, at least in Tom Cruise's mind, on a Mission: Impossible 7. As such, we can assume that Fallout is not the last film to come from this fantastic franchise.

For many fans of the Misison: Impossible series, minds go straight to space as the next destination. The final frontier seems like one of the only places this franchise could go that would be even more incredible than the stuff that's come before. Christopher McQuarrie also told Collider that such a venture would probably require the participation of SpaceX or NASA, so that may be a bridge too far.

Perhaps Tom Cruise will take a page out of James Cameron's book and explore the deep sea for the next film, or maybe he'll climb Everest. It really is something of a mental exercise to try and think of what Mission: Impossible 7 could do that hasn't been done, and what kind of stunt would qualify as "World-topping shit." Fortunately, that's an exercise that Tom Cruise does pretty well.

At this point, it seems like the biggest barriers facing any more insane stunts for the next Mission: Impossible film are what is even possible, logistically and financially, and what can Tom Cruise and the production be insured for. Tom Cruise's injury on the set of Mission: Impossible Fallout caused production to be switched around. Everything turned out okay (it met its release date and was critically acclaimed), but there is certainly a question of the risk associated with these films.

Director Christopher McQuarrie has intimated that the pressure of topping the previous film would likely deter him from taking on Mission: Impossible 7, but with Tom Cruise already hammering out ideas, maybe the star can convince him. Christopher McQuarrie is currently reteaming with Tom Cruise for Top Gun: Maverick. The writer-director has been brought aboard to work on the script for the long-awaited sequel.

Top Gun: Maverick was originally scheduled to hit theaters but has been delayed till 2020. There are still plenty of movies to look forward to next year though, check them out in our 2019 Release Schedule.

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