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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Halloween (2018)! So if you don't want all the gory details, come back after you've seen it.

This year's Halloween saw the continuation of the battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers that began over 40 years ago, and just like in the original, they each got in their licks. This time, Jamie Lee Curtis' character separated the Shape from a couple of his digits with a well-placed shotgun blast. To create the gnarly injury, actor James Jude Courtney, who played Michael, wore a gross prosthetic, which you can check out below:

You know the prosthetic is good when it still looks real under harsh lighting in an Instagram post like this one does here. The injury is slick with blood where the skin is torn off, and you can even see the metacarpal bones in the hand. It is quite gross and also very awesome, leading me to believe that horror films like Halloween, where you get to do stuff like this, might be some of the most fun movies to work on.

The other great thing about the makeup is how the blood is smeared all over James Jude Courtney's hand. Also, as you might have guessed, Michael Myers is not a big hand washer. Heck, he's not even a Purell guy. So the filthy hand covered in blood and missing two fingers is both disgusting and scary, which just adds to the villainy of Michael Myers.

In his Instagram post, you can also see James Jude Courtney has makeup over his left eye. That's because in the original 1978 Halloween, Laurie Strode shoves a coat hanger into it. Basically over the course of two films Jame Lee Curtis' heroine has wreaked havoc on this dude's left side.

It's a good thing that he's traditionally right-handed because I don't think Michael Myers is going to have the easiest time wielding a kitchen knife effectively, or any weapon for that matter, in his left hand after this. So he's less capable, but as we saw in Halloween, a wounded animal is just as deadly.

Whether or not we get to see Michael Myers have another suburban reign of terror remains to be seen. The end of Halloween left Michael's fate ambiguous. After taking a rifle blast from Judy Greer's Karen, he was seemingly trapped in Laurie Strode's basement and burned alive.

But horror villains never really diem and with Laurie surviving, it seems inevitable that these two horror icons will clash again. Danny McBride is already brewing ideas for a sequel. Plusm Halloween was a massive hit so I'd expect to see a one-eyed, eight-fingered, well-done Michael Myers back to killing sooner or later.

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