The Captain Marvel Trailer Gave Us The Best Look At Annette Bening's Character

Annette Bening Captain Marvel movie

It might not be the exact trailer you've been begging for, but a very awesome preview for Captain Marvel just dropped. The two minutes of footage is stuffed with lots of great images to digest (that mohawk!), including our first real look at Annette Bening's mysterious character. We don't know her name, but at least now we have some clues to begin piecing together about this mysterious Kree figure.

Captain Marvel has a very large and impressive cast, and for the most part, Jude Law has taken the spotlight when it comes to unnamed characters. However, Annette Bening is in the film as well, and while we had an idea that Law would be a Kree soldier close to Carol Danvers, we had no information on Bening's role. That all changed tonight with the release of the second Captain Marvel trailer, which teased a few more story details. As far as it concerns Bening, the trailer confirms that her character is a Kree. This debunks rumors that she would be playing Carol Danvers' human mother, though, she might technically still be a mother figure.

Judging by the trailer, Bening is playing a high-ranking figure in the Kree, the alien race that Captain Marvel lives and fights alongside. As the character explains, the Kree found Carol after an accident on Earth gave her her powers and wiped her memory. The Kree took her in and made her own of their own -- literally. The trailer implies that she has Kree blood, and Bening's character seems pretty proud of the procedure.

Now, the trailer doesn't offer any real hints at the identity of Bening's Kree, but I have a theory or two. As I said, she seems to be a high-ranking figure if Carol is going to directly to her for answers about her origin. She might be the direct overseer of Starforce, the elite warrior heroes of the Kree of which our hero is a part.

supreme intelligence marvel comic floating head

However, I have a shot-in-the-dark theory (and I'm talking pitch black), what if Annette Bening is playing the leader of the Kree? As comic book fans may know, the Kree's leader is not a woman who looks like Annette Bening; it's a giant green head called the Supreme Intelligence. It's an artificial intelligence made up of the smartest minds in Kree history, and it rules with cold logic. You can take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself, below.

Could it be that Annette Bening's character might be the MCU's take on that? Perhaps she's a proxy which acts for the Supreme Intelligence or maybe she's a program that looks like a Kree rather than a giant head. I said it was a shot-in-the-dark!

Whoever she is, we're very excited to see Annette Bening and all the rest of the cast in Captain Marvel, which hits theaters March 8, 2019. To learn more about the movie, here's everything we know so far.

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