Zack Snyder Revealed His Cut Justice League Cameo

The late, great Stan Lee may be long known as the king of cameos in countless Marvel films, but on the DC side of things is another behind-the-scenes man: Zack Snyder. The director, producer and writer of films such as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been more-subtle appearances in some of his films, and another one from a cut Justice League scene has just been revealed by Snyder himself. See If you can spot him below:

Zach Snyder cameo with Amy Adams in cut Justice League scene

(Image credit: (Vero))

That's right, a sly Zack Snyder is inside the coffee shop Amy Adams' Lois Lane is walking out of, per the picture he shared on Vero. Along with sharing this picture, Snyder also said it's a cameo of him drawing the scene in a fake coffee shop, which represents the real-life coffee shop where he drew the scene pictured above. How clever!

It's a brief moment that most eyes wouldn't even pick out, and considering it wasn't in the final cut for Justice League, no one had a chance to spot it on the big screen. Zack Snyder also shared on Vero that in the scene Lois is on her way to Heroes Park to pay her daily respects to her love -- Superman.

After the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman was six feet under until he was resurrected by the newly formed Justice League in the 2017 team-up film. Zack Snyder also has revealed that he has made some brief appearances in Batman v Superman in the Knightmare scene, and included a shot of his hands in the scene when Bruce Wayne steals the data off of Anatoli Knyazev's phone.

Compared to how Stan Lee not only has appeared, but was given lines in Marvel films, Snyder's appearances are trickier puzzles to crack. But it certainly fits more into Zack Snyder's style to hide his brief cameos to be discovered or shown off later. The director has also appeared in Wonder Woman as a World War I soldier and directed the Flash sequence in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

When putting together a superhero movie such as Justice League, there's so much room for character development and cameos that plenty of scenes end up on the cutting room floor. This was the case in Batman v Superman for Zack Snyder as he later released a much longer cut when the film had a home release. Justice League was no exception either as shown in this cut sequence and with details such as how Atom was cut from the film.

The next DC film is Aquaman, which is directed by James Wan but Zack Snyder does serve as executive producer for the film. There's sure to be the characteristic DC Easter Eggs, but did Snyder sneakily find his way in? The undersea superhero origin story comes to theaters on December 21.

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