8 Marvel Secrets The Avengers: Endgame Trailer Chose To Keep Hidden

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At long last, the trailer for Avengers: Endgame was finally released! Fans have been literally begging for this trailer for a while, and after a few false promises and one delay, it finally arrived. It looks like the trailer was able to live up to the hype, scoring a record-breaking amount of views in just 24 hours. The new footage teased a bleak outlook for the Avengers, who have one last plan to reverse the damage done by Thanos (Josh Brolin). What is that plan? Beats me, because this trailer sure didn't share it.

There have been no shortage of rumors and theories about Avengers: Endgame, but the trailer leaves most of those unaddressed. It instead sets the mood for the movie, and while it's great that Marvel is keeping things close to the vest, there's still an incredible amount of things we don't know about this film. Maybe these answers will surface the closer we get to April, but these are some of the big things that the trailer didn't reveal.

What Is Cap's Plan?

Let's start with the biggest thing that the trailer teased. It looks like Captain America and Black Widow have a plan to bring back everyone that Thanos killed in Avengers: Infinity War. However, we are left to wonder what that actual plan entails. It's clearly a last-ditch effort, but what can the Avengers possibly do to reverse the damage caused by the Infinity Gauntlet? There are a few theories about this online, but the trailer offers no clues to make any one theory stand above the rest. It's likely to be a key driver of the plot, so it makes sense that the secret wouldn't be dropped so easily.

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Is There Going To Be Time Travel?

Keeping with Cap's plan, one of the most popular theories is that it will involve time travel. It's long been rumored that time travel will be a factor in Endgame, with set photos revealing scenes that appear to take place during the Battle of New York in The Avengers. We don't see any obvious hint at time travel in Endgame, though, some eagle-eyed secret hunters have found what they believe to be evidence. The video footage of Scott Lang at the Avengers facility is supposedly from the archives, meaning that it's an old recording. If anything, it shows the lengths that some people had to go to get information from this trailer.

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Does Pepper Potts Suit Up?

Thanks to a set photo of Gwyneth Paltrow in what looks like her own suit of Iron Man armor, rumors have been flying that Pepper Potts will finally suit up as her comic book alter ego, Rescue. Pepper never physically makes an appearance in the trailer but her presence is felt. Tony Stark opens the trailer by leaving her what he thinks will be his final message. Does this recording somehow get to Pepper, and she sets off to rescue him? The set photo is a strong case that Pepper will get her own suit, but we are left guessing as to how and why that will happen.

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Is Everyone Snapped Still Alive?

Infinity War had one of the most shocking endings for a blockbuster, wiping out several fan-favorite characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man. Not many fans believed this to be a permanent death, and people have been theorizing how these characters could be brought back to life. A popular one is that every victim of The Decimation is actually inside of the Soul Stone. We saw that orange-tinged world at the end of Infinity War, so everyone's souls could still exist. However, as far as the Endgame trailer is concerned, everyone is good and dead.

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Who Is A Greater Threat Than Thanos?

Thanos may have been the man who defeated the Avengers and wiped out half of all life in the cosmos, but there's a rumor that he's not the only bad guy in town. According to leaked promotional material, there is an even greater threat in Endgame that the Avengers need to defeat. The trailer keeps the focus on Thanos, and even then it doesn't ever show his face. If there is something worse out there in the universe, that has some big implications, it's sure to be a hot topic of debate among fans until more concrete information is made available.

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How Did Ant-Man Escape The Quantum Realm?

Though he had to sit out Infinity War, Ant-Man is back in the Avengers' inner-circle for Endgame. When we last saw the character in Ant-Man and the Wasp, he was trapped in the Quantum Realm with seemingly no one alive who knows that he survived The Decimation. However, we see that he did manage to escape and find his way to the Avengers compound in the trailer with no explanation as to how. Given Cap and Black Widow's reaction, Scott's arrival is a big deal. The Quantum Realm is involved in a lot of theories, mostly that it is the key to time travel. Some people think that Scott escaped through time travel, so he could end up becoming a pivotal character in the film.

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Who Are The Other Missing Characters?

We saw a lot of major characters dissolve into dust in Infinity War, but there are still a lot of characters who we don't know what happened to, like Valkyrie. In the trailer, we see Bruce Banner looking at a list of characters that are likely to have been victims of The Decimation. This includes one character we already knew (Spider-Man), one we didn't (Shuri), and one the Avengers think is missing (Ant-Man). However, I would like to say that I don't trust anything in Marvel trailers anymore. They are known to hide or change details in trailers through CGI, like Thor's eye patch. They also film entire scenes just for the trailer, so who's to say that Shuri is actually missing?

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Where Is Captain Marvel?

The Avengers will get a major helping hand in the form of Captain Marvel. The character, who was teased during a post-credits scene in Infinity War, will be making her debut in Captain Marvel before getting to meet the Avengers in Endgame. Captain Marvel will be a big player in this movie, but we're not totally sure how she will make her entrance. Much of that depends on the ending of her solo film. Some are theorizing that she will be the one to save Tony in outer space. Though she doesn't show up in this trailer, I wouldn't be surprised if she made an appearance in the second trailer, much like what Captain America: Civil War did with Spider-Man.

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