Jeff Bridges Followed Up His Wild Golden Globes Speech With The Perfect Tweet

At last night's 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards, actor Jeff Bridges received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his many and impactful contributions to the world of entertainment. Jeff Bridges accepted the award with a wild, wacky and heartfelt speech that evoked his character from The Big Lebowski and served as a reminder why we love the actor. The Dude has since followed up his speech with the perfect tweet. Check it out:

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In his speech, Jeff Bridges, ever the beacon of positivity and hopefulness, got philosophical-- inspiring and a little confounding as he talked about trim tabs. As he explained, trim tabs are small mechanisms found on ships and aircraft that help to stabilize them. Jeff Bridges cited 20th century inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller who used trim tabs as a metaphor to show how like a small trim tab can help turn the rudder on a large ship, an individual can help to change society.

Jeff Bridges' message was that even if it seems like one person cannot make a difference, we are all trim tabs. Although it seems daunting and that the problems of the world are too massive to fix, we all have the power to steer the ship of society in a positive direction. This follow-up Tweet from Jeff Bridges reinforces his desire for everyone to do just that. Nothing but good vibes here from The Dude.

This is exactly what you would expect from Jeff Bridges, who in this Tweet shows his happiness and gratitude for the honor he received at the Golden Globes, and his zest for life in addition to his message of encouragement. Sure, his speech was somewhat confusing but it was also full of infectious, inspiring positivity and optimism and that is echoed here.

Jeff Bridges speaks here about trim-tabbing towards love. And, ever the environmentalist, The Dude also spoke in his speech about trim-tabbing towards creating a healthy planet. It's a message that was also espoused in his nature documentary Living in the Future's Past, about how small changes we can all make can change the course of society, and thus the planet as a whole.

The message in his speech and in this tweet remind us why Jeff Bridges is The Dude and here's hoping he continues to abide.

To honor the Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient, the Golden Globes also put together a brilliant tribute to the actor's decades-long career. It's an amazing montage that will hopefully have much more added to it as the 69-year-olds career continues.

Jeff Bridges' wasn't the only highlight of the 76th Annual Golden Globes, the night was full of great jokes and surprising results. Check out our list of all the big winners and for all of the movies you can look forward to in this new year, head on over to our Release Schedule.

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