New Glass Clip Shows James McAvoy Rapidly Switching Personalities

We're not that far now from the next (and final?) chapter in the story that started almost 20 years ago with Unbreakable. Glass will bring the hero and the villain of that film together with James McAvoy's Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split and we're all very excited about the possibilities of where it could go. One thing we know for sure is that we're going to dive deeper into the psyche of McAvoy's character and meet even more of his personalities. A new clip gives us a tease of what's to come. Check it out.

The clip, courtesy of Fandango, sees our friend with multiple personalities and Samuel L. Jackson's Mr. Glass inside the asylum that we've seen in the trailers. Exactly what Mr. Glass is up to is unclear without context. He's working on something with lights, but while he does, James McAvoy's character shifts between different personalities making small talk around him.

It's an entertaining scene if only for the way it's shot. The camera is continuously circling the room, frequently showing us nothing and only showing us the characters as they return to the frame. Every time we see McAvoy, however, he's portraying a different personality. Shifting between aww shucks good old boy and fire and brimstone preacher, as well as the nine-year-old boy that we got to know so well in Split.

The scene looks to be done in a single take. Either that, or it's been expertly edited to make it appear that way. It's well done, with the constantly rotating camera being somewhat disorienting, which is surely the feeling that M.Night Shyamalan is going for.

James McAvoy's performance as the different personalities of his character Kevin was viewed by many, both critics and fans, as the highlight of Split. He played several different characters all inhabiting the same body, but one of the things we learned about the character in that film is that there are many more personalities inside the character that we have yet to be properly introduced to. It seems Glass may change that.

Of course, the most terrifying of the personalities inside Kevin is The Beast, a vicious monster that came to the surface in the previous film. When a creature that powerful aligns himself with the brilliant Mr. Glass, there's no telling what they could accomplish.

Standing in their way of course, will be Bruce Willis' hero from Unbreakable, who goes by the name The Overseer. He's been playing the hero ever since the first movie, but one certainly assumes he's coming up against something that he's never faced before.

Following the success of Split and the general love for Unbreakable ever since its release, a lot of fans are looking forward to this new chapter.

Glass arrives in theaters on January 18.

Dirk Libbey
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