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Now that we finally know the title of the next Avengers movie, it's time for everybody to get obsessive about the title of that other major 2019 release, Star Wars Episode IX. While it will likely be some time before we get this one officially, some fans are already getting a little too excited about it. In response to one fan who proclaimed he would try and pull the title out of Mark Hamill, the actor has responded with a title that won't make for a great Star Wars movie, but is probably the perfect name for an Ariana Grande pop music album, What do you think of Star Wars: Thank U, Next.

The Ariana Grande reference works double duty for Mark Hamill as it makes for a funny title for a Star Wars film and also works as a response to the guy who claims he'll get the title from Hamill. Clearly, the actor doesn't think anybody will be getting any spoilers from him. Then the icing on the cake is a second pop music reference in the tweet, that he's "Sorry, not Sorry" he made the joke.

Attempting to get spoilers out of Mark Hamill seems like a fool's errand. The man has been playing this game with us for years now and no leaks have been traced back to him. He usually responds to requests for info with jokes like this. He's having fun playing with the fans.

On the plus side, it's possible we won't have too long to wait to get the actual title of Star Wars: Episode IX. The title of Episode VIII was dropped in late January in 2017, so, if Lucasfilm holds to a similar promotional schedule for Episode IX, we could have the title of that movie before the end of this month.

Of course, in the case of Avengers: Endgame, we didn't get that title until the first trailer was released. If Disney liked the way that worked, the studio might decide to wait on the title here as well. We didn't get the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi until Star Wars Celebration in April, so maybe we won't get answers until then.

Some Episode IX titles have been rumored or suggested by fans, though it's impossible to tell at this point if any stock should be put into them. The title could be pretty much anything considering we know next to nothing about the movie.

And while knowing the title will certainly be nice, it's unlikely to really give us much information. While both of the previous Star Wars titles made sense once we'd seen the movies, they gave us few hints about what we'd be seeing.

They did, however, give us lots of angles for discussion and we can certainly guess we'll be trying to dissect the Episode IX title for answers, regardless of whether or not it actually provides any. When Episode IX has a title, we'll have it here at CinemaBlend.