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Ever since Disney acquired the rights to Lucasfilm, new and exciting Star Wars projects have been produced, helping to expand the galaxy far, far away. While standalone films and upcoming live-action shows have gotten attention from the generations of fans, all eyes are on how the main story will conclude with Episode IX. J.J. Abrams' still untitled sequel will close the Skywalker Saga forever, so the pressure is on to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the decades-long narrative.

John Boyega's tenure as Finn should also come to a close, as the former Stormtrooper makes his final stand in the battle against good and evil. Boyega recently posted a vague image from the set, teasing especially ambitious visuals in the movie. Check it out.

Did anyone else just get chills? The Star Wars franchise has always been known for its striking visuals, with CGI and special effects that are groundbreaking for the filmmaking world. But with so many new movies over the past few years, one has to wonder what time of new ground Episode IX will break.

The pressure is certainly on for J.J. Abrams, who returns to the Star Wars franchise to complete the trilogy he began with The Force Awakens. In addition to completing the story of his new characters, Abrams must also end the entire main franchise, and give an appropriate sendoff to favorites like Luke and Leia. He'll have to go big, which likely includes the new visuals that John Boyega mentioned over on Instagram.

In his post, John Boyega mentions how many moments of shock he's already had within the Star Wars franchise. The property has always been known for its plot twists, with the most famous obviously being Darth Vader's parentage of Luke in Empire Strikes Back. But in addition to the new visuals that Episode IX will bring, it appears those stunning sequences will also be full of twists and moments of shock and awe for the audience.

John Boyega in The Last Jedi

It should be fascinating to see what happens to Finn in Episode IX. The former stormtrooper stumbled into a very important role in the Resistance, helping to inspire Leia's army and ultimately destroy Starkiller base in The Force Awakens. But The Last Jedi saw him in an existential crisis, not sure if he was truly meant to fight of The First Order. That is, until he was once again inspired thanks to Rose Tico.

There's also a love triangle in the cards, as Finn obviously has strong feelings for Rey. But he also bonded with Rose in The Last Jedi, with the two sharing a kiss during the Battle on Crait. So aside from the galaxy's fate, Episode IX will also deal with the characters' interpersonal drama.

All will be revealed when Episode IX arrives in theaters on December 20th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies this year.