Nicole Kidman Was 'Mortified' By Awkward Golden Globes Moment

Nicole Kidman in Aquaman 2018

This year's awards season has already kicked off, which means we've had plenty of fun, brilliant and even awkward moments to relish in or even poke fun at on the Internet. One of those moments happened during the Golden Globes when Rami Malek was seemingly ignored attempting to introduce himself to Nicole Kidman, only to have her seemingly rebuff the candid attempt. Now, she's explained what really happened, noting in a recent interview:

We're really good friends. I just did not feel his hand on my back. I was mortified then! So, no I love that man and he's so gentle and softly spoken. He sent me an email, I sent him an email, so we were laughing actually. We were both in a bit of a daze.

Both Nicole Kidman and Rami Malek actually attended the Critics' Choice Awards this weekend, where people on the red carpet were all over talking about what happened at the previous awards event. Kidman revealed to ET while talking about her movie Destroyer that she actually does already know Rami Malek and they even touched base after the news broke, even emailing about what happened.

The Bohemian Rhapsody actor also previously talked about the exchange, also mentioning that he and Nicole Kidman had been pals for a while and joking that he knows the whole thing is "probably haunting" him on the interwebs.

On the bright side, Rami Malek in particular had a heck of a Golden Globes. Not only did the actor win Best Performance (in a drama) for playing Freddie Mercury on the big screen and not only did Bohemian Rhapsody win for Best Picture in the drama category, but Malek himself went viral for several reasons.

First, if you haven't caught him introducing himself to Lady Gaga, you should check it out. Secondly, he went viral for his moment with Nicole Kidman and if you missed that, it did seem pretty awkward at the time.

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So, now you are all caught up on the goofy moment between the Bohemian Rhapsody actor and the Aquaman actress. Rami Malek may actually be a little awkward in person; however, if you think it's weird for him to normally pal around with big names like Nicole Kidman, you'd be wrong. He's known Kidman for a while and will likely be spending even more time with other a-listers as his own movie profile grows. Next up, Malek will star in The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle opposite Robert Downey Jr.

We'll likely be seeing more from Rami Malek and Nicole Kidman in the weeks to come as the awards season continues rolling. For more on what's coming up, including the Oscars, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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