New Detective Pikachu Trailer Is Silent But Deadly

A new trailer for Detective Pikachu has reached the public, and it stinks. Not metaphorically, but in the somewhat literal sense -- as Tim Goodman is on the receiving end of some nasty gas courtesy of his partner, Detective Pikachu. Get a whiff of this fresh footage, and spot a previously unseen Pokemon along the way.

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It's one thing to fart while you're perched on the shoulder of another person, but the wafting of the hands into Tim's face was beyond disrespectful! Also, who would've guessed that Pokemon enjoy coffee despite the gastric distress it may cause them? Detective Pikachu may not be a traditional Pokemon adventure, but it's looking like it has the potential to answer a lot of questions Game Freak never thought to.

It's goofy toilet humor, but it's fair to say audiences are accustomed to those types of jokes coming from Ryan Reynolds as of late. It would be weird if Warner Bros. brought in the actor who made Deadpool a household name and didn't want him to get a little weird with this bizarre character. If there's anyone who can pull off a Pokemon discussing its bathroom habits, it's him.

As mentioned earlier, another Pokemon made its debut in Detective Pikachu, and eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed Snubbull in a brief shot. The Pokemon did not look all that happy, but to be fair, that's probably just his resting face. Ken Watanabe's Detective Yoshida doesn't seem to be a big fan, as he recoils in response to Snubbull's exhale. Is this Pokemon a part of the police force, or perhaps another witness the duo brought in for questioning?

Pokemon fans aren't too concerned about how Snubbull gets worked into the mix, but a few have voiced their concern on Twitter about the Pokemon's size. Typically, Snubbull's average height is about two feet tall, and judging from the looks of this scene, he may be far taller than that. With that said, Detective Yoshida may be sitting here, which would make Snubbull appear taller.

It's also possible someone on the Detective Pikachu team got confused, and mixed Snubbull's height up with the character's evolved form Granbull. Granbull is about 4'7. which would look closer to Snubbull's height than its traditional 2'0. Obviously, it's not a huge deal to the general public, but for diehard Pokemon fans this is the type of detail that could have them grumbling while watching the movie in theaters.

Little inaccuracies or re-interpretations (provided that's what's happening) can also shake the faith of fans in the film. If Detective Pikachu screwed the pooch (pun intended) on Snubbull's height, what other things might have been missed while creating this adventure? Obviously, folks won't know for sure until they see it in theaters and meticulously dissect it on May 10. In the meantime, feel free to check out the things we'd like to see appear in the feature.

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